Sunday, December 31, 2000

Behind these hazel eyes: That's a fact Jack

This is a getting to know me blog. Today is just the facts Jack.

Age: 43

Hair color: strawberry blond and yes, it's natural

Height: 5 foot 6 1/2

Eye color: hazel that usually look light brown but sometimes green.

Status: in a relationship. <3

How long in current relationship?
Seems like forever but technically I think it is 3 months. We were friends for 3 months before we became an 'us'.

Vices: shopping (that's for you honey), sweets, stubbornness, and vapor e-cigarettes

Family: mother, brother, step dad, sister in law (she is awesome and for that I am grateful) 3 nephews, triplet nieces and a special little girl who came in to my life in November and who I adore.

Pets: 2 dogs Riesling and Sadie and sadly only one fish. Beltre finally has enough and ate Andrus.

Job: manager of a auto claim team

Years at current company: 13

House: yes a 2 bedroom garden home that I purchased in 1999.

Hobbies: mountain biking (I am going to ride this spring, promise)
Baseball, crafting

Vehicles: 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee & 1996 Chevy Camaro

Favorite foods: anything Tex-Mex, Chinese and Greek

Favorite drink: since my surgery in December (I am going to share that but not yet) I don't enjoy alcohol much but Beeritas

Closest Friends: Alaina, Dawn, and Trish. There are a lot of people in my life who are friends but these are the people I can actually count on to be there for me. Having a lot of close friends isn't a reality. Having a few people who have your back is.

Favorite neighbor: Sharon

Favorite baseball teams: The Texas Rangers and Chicago Cubs

Favorite place on earth: The Ballpark in Arlington. (You call it whatever you want, Rangers, it will always be The Ballpark to me)

Favorite music: country much to my guy's dismay.

Favorite song: right now it's Luke Bryan's Drink a beer. It reminds me how fragile friendship is.

Favorite Blogs: Unabashedly Me by my friend Micah (who I met on Twitter and is an awesome author on the side!) and Be a Warrior Queen by my friend Raewyn (who I met through blogging and is simply amazing!)

Dream Vacation: I really want to visit Hungary with my mom. Both her parents were Hungarian.

Social Media: yes, I am a junkie! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are my biggies!

Twitter: Lauran0805

Facebook: Simply Me the way I see it

Favorite color: green

Pet Peeves: I can't stand liars, fakes, and people who judge and I have no room for bullies especially the kind that hide behind computers and act tough or pretend to be people they aren't.

What you see is what you get:
I don't hide who I am and I don't apologize for it. If you don't like me, move on. I'm sure there is someone out there for you. I am not easy but I am totally worth it of you can put up with my BS.

Honest to a fault: If you follow me on Twitter be prepared for some totally off the wall opinions. If you can't handle the truth, good or bad, positive or negative, don't ask me anything. I don't hold back.

Live: do it for yourself first. Find out who you are and embrace it!

Love: there isn't enough in the world to put labels on it. Right or wrong you have to risk to have a chance and if people in your life can't respect your decisions they don't belong in your life. Love isn't easy but it is worth it if you fight for it and as long as the good times outweigh the bad. They do, BTW.

Laugh: this is the key to any successful relationship. If you can laugh together, friends or lovers, you will survive.

Favorite Quote:


Favorite flavor: salted caramel anything, maple, and cinnamon

Favorite TV shows: The Walking Dead, Duck Dynasty, and Downton Abbey (which I have to find time to watch!)

If you come to my house: don't open the closets because you may not come out alive!

What you need to know to survive me:
-I get mad but I usually get over it fast
-I am incredibly loyal
-I want things my way
-I am an incredible friend and will give you the cloths off my back but if you hurt me, our relationship is over and I erase you from my life like you never existed.

If you see me wearing white or cream: I promise that coffee stain wasn't there when I got up in the morning.

I am half Hungarian on my Mom's side with a mix of German, American Indian, and British (I think) on my Dad's side.

Things I hate:
Cancer, green peppers, peppermint, pumpkin. One of these things is not like the other!

Sign: Leo because being a ginger of Hungarian and German decent wasn't enough stubborn!

Current obsessions:
Finding the perfect Beef Jerky recipe, getting my house on the market and sold, finding a new house that is "ours" and getting things at work on track for the new year.

Stress: oh my gosh, yes! Work is my biggest stress right now. Planning and implementing the 2014 plan.

Things I look forward to in the future:
I am pretty happy with the present and my life but I really look forward to the time when we are able to get a little closer to our families. I also can't wait to spend Opening Day with my honey and a mini-vacation or two we are planning.

Alright, that's probably more than anyone wants to know about the Just the Facts side of me. Have a happy hump day.

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Being Crafty

I made a deal with myself before the new year that I was going to start salvaging "junk" and reclaiming pieces raft others have given up on. My goal was to salvage at least one item a month. So far I have failed unless you count the ugly white plastic chairs that I painted green. They do look so much better but not exactly what I had in mind.

So this weekend I started following a few (dozen) craft blogs. I am looking for inspiration not ideas. I have a ton of ideas.

For example my neighbor had this old wagon wheel. I saw it and immediately knew I wanted to make it a pot rack. Just one house has no room for it. So I have the wheel and am awaiting the right kitchen!

I have a couple of American Flag projects in mind. I have a camper I want to work on and some things I want to make for it. Hunting things. I want to make outdoor furniture out of palettes. I found some amazing examples on Pinterest but making them before I am sure where I am going to live makes no sense! I saved a palette for a table project already but still, that's not reclaiming it.

So you see my problem? I have many ideas but time and space are a problem. So tell me gentle readers, do you follow any amazing craft blogs and who are they? I need to get out of my project funk!

Oh and before I forget: RIP Shirley Temple! My childhood wouldn't have been half as awesome without you!

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