Sunday, December 31, 2000

Being Crafty

I made a deal with myself before the new year that I was going to start salvaging "junk" and reclaiming pieces raft others have given up on. My goal was to salvage at least one item a month. So far I have failed unless you count the ugly white plastic chairs that I painted green. They do look so much better but not exactly what I had in mind.

So this weekend I started following a few (dozen) craft blogs. I am looking for inspiration not ideas. I have a ton of ideas.

For example my neighbor had this old wagon wheel. I saw it and immediately knew I wanted to make it a pot rack. Just one house has no room for it. So I have the wheel and am awaiting the right kitchen!

I have a couple of American Flag projects in mind. I have a camper I want to work on and some things I want to make for it. Hunting things. I want to make outdoor furniture out of palettes. I found some amazing examples on Pinterest but making them before I am sure where I am going to live makes no sense! I saved a palette for a table project already but still, that's not reclaiming it.

So you see my problem? I have many ideas but time and space are a problem. So tell me gentle readers, do you follow any amazing craft blogs and who are they? I need to get out of my project funk!

Oh and before I forget: RIP Shirley Temple! My childhood wouldn't have been half as awesome without you!

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