Friday, November 30, 2012

Blog Update: Dear Haters: A Love Letter

Sometimes I forget that the greatest compliment a person can give you is telling you how awful you are.  Before I lose you, let me explain.  They take the time to send you hate.  They waste their time telling you how ugly or pathetic or fat or unattractive you are.  The truth is, whatever it is they don't like about you, is a reflection of something they hate in themselves.  That is fine.  That isn't your problem, it is theirs.

There are a lot of miserable people in this world and they hide behind the internet.  They send you messages on Twitter and make comments on your blog attacking you.  I get those occassionally because I share too much and am too honest.  I can  stop sharing or make my blog closed to only my friends or followers but the truth is, I started my blog for me.  It is my place.  I would write it if nobody read it.  It was a place to make me happy.  I am glad for the 25 or so people that read it reguarly and the 60 or so that stop by on occassion and I enjoy all of your comments.  All of them have been very positve except for one.  I am not going to let one rotten apple ruin the to speak. 

A lot of friends of mine have come to my defense over the last 18 hours.  They have been angry for me.  They have sent me messages of support.  They have told me they love me. They have even told me not to listen and not to feel too sorry for myself.  (Guys have a unique way of seeing things.) I appreciate all of you.  Really. 

I reminded myself this morning that nobody has to see me as beautiful. I really don't care what this unknown person who hides behind a computer spewing hate thinks of me.  I really don't care if they think I am fat or ugly.  I see myself honestly. I don't know when I ever claimed to be beautiful or thin. I don't think that has ever happened.  I know where I came from and I know where I am going.  I give myself credit for what I have accomplished.  I know that I am a better person today and I will be better tomorrow.  Haters don't get better.   The truth is, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people think I am attractive the way I am.  Some people don't like women who are super skinny.  I know, that sounds crazy to some people.  Some people like women with a little meat.  Women like Adele are considered incredibly attractive to some men.  Don't hate them because they don't want women who aren't model thin.  Everyone doesn't like blondes.  God made us all unique.  If we all looked the same, life would be boring.  God made some of us smart enough to see the beauty within.  I don't find outside beauty half as attractive as inner beauty, personally although, in my opinion, every guy that I have ever been invovled with has been pretty cute.
 What people find attractive is subjective. I don't think Channing Tatum is that great but People disagrees with me.
CHANNING TATUM photo | Channing Tatum

I don't really need some unknown person in cyberspace to validate me as a person.  I appreciate the kind thoughts.  I welcome the critics.  I know I am a good person.  I am a loving person.  I have a big heart and a good heart and I am a great friend and a crazy sports fan.   I am me.  Love me.  Hate me.  Think I am pretty or not.  I don't care.

This isn't about this one person's comment so much as the epidemic of small people hiding behind computers saying cruel things to people they may or may not know, trying to make themselves feel better by tearing others apart because they are miserable.  Be miserable on your time.  I don't have any more time for you.   I love who I am.  Deal with it.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's Okay Thursday!!

It's Ok:

*that I have been completely ignoring my blog this week. Truth is I am in the middle of a migraine cluster and it is hard for me to work much less write.

*that my heart sometimes doesn't listen to my head. It will. I'm done worrying about. I can only be me and that has to be good enough.

*that I am probably driving everyone on my Twitter feed nuts with this:

You all really love me, even if you don't want to admit it so you will survive my Te'o love! You will even survive my Notre Dame love! It has been there longest!

*that I went pre-shopping for shoes the other day and these are what I love:

There were more but basically, you get the idea. I may have a problem! When I go shopping for flats, this is what I find!!!

*That I have had to stop working out for almost 2 weeks and I feel like the Goodyear Blimp! I hate not being able to ride or walk or go to the gym. My knee seems to be better so I plan to test it this weekend! Fingers crossed!

*That I haven't put up my Christmas tree yet. I plan on working on it this weekend. I have been listening to Christmas music in preparation. I am starting to feel it!

*That I really want this:

I can't thing of anything more perfect than this!

*That sometimes I have peanut butter for breakfast on a spoon. Nothing else. Just the PB & a spoon. Don't judge me.

That's what's ok with me. What's ok with you?


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Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Blog Update: Mi Vida Loca

Here it is, what everyone waits every Monday to see! A peek into every bloggers life. Oh how thrilling!! :-)

I went shopping a little Friday and got some new jeans! I'm showing off my bike booty here. Yes it is huge but I don't care. I like my bubble butt! Nobody freak because I just said I liked something about my body! That is progress, right?

I have a running joke with my friend Rachel so I spent Saturday waiting for the Irish game and practicing my Duck face.

I just don't do it very well. Rachel is a pro!

So I decided to try an be sexy! I don't do that well either.

Try not to laugh too hard!

This one did manage to attract a 2 year old who is the son of a friend of mine. He thinks I'm cute!! I win!!!

So, I watched football, ate turkey, had birthday cake for these beauties:

Who turned 9 yesterday!

Tried to stay off my bad knee, which had kept me from riding for over a week. Boo!!!

Oh about that football thing:

Which of these shirts should I buy for my BCS title bound Irish?

Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!


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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday Blog: What I'm Loving on Pinterest

Honestly I have a hard time choosing on Wednesday most days if I am loving something or finding it Pinteresting. I can't choose  today so I'm combining them.

Most of the pins I save to my phone are saved because I text them to friends.

I have one or two who share my love of vodka!

I also have a few friends who are Ding Dongs or Twinkies.

This shirt is!

This is so completely funny!

My friend Chance makes me think of Harry Potter.

This is like every guy friend or ex-boyfriend I ever had. It just makes me laugh!

This reminds me of a couple friends....and me.

So true!

Shake, shake, shake!


I adore this! For my daddy!

We do it. You know it. It's what makes us awesome!

So true!

So very funny!

What I'm Loving:

I am so loving and very proud of my Fighting Irish. If you know me, you know I went to the University of Texas. If you knew me when I was 17 and going to school you would have known Texas was my second choice. Notre Dame is always number 1 in my heart. Texas is 1a, now. I love both my schools. I told a friend the other day if I met the perfect man and he was a Sooner, Aggie, or USC or Michigan fan I would have to think twice. Yes, it is that serious!

I'm also loving my friends Chance and Khrystal for being there for me when I needed them.

Finally, I am love, love, loving salted Carmel mocha coffee. Way too much! I drink way too much!

If you are traveling today, safe travels. If you are cooking, I hope you have someone to clean up after you!


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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Monday's Blog: Facing Reality

I had a terrible weekend. I didn't get to ride because I hurt myself last week and I needed to rest the injury. This left me stuck at home with too much time to think.

Here is what happened with all that time to think. I discovered that someone I care too much about just really doesn't care about me. Yes, I said it. I have had this pointed out to me over and over again by friends and strangers. I have cried my last tear over this. The fact is, this person never was with me, not really. He showed up for me once and after that he did everything he could to push me away. That's ok. (If you are reading this, you are off the hook. You don't have to pretend anymore. We are good. I will always respect you and care about you. Thank you for the part you have played in my life.)

Someday someone who actually earns my feelings will come into my life. When he does, I will spoil him and he will spoil me back. Until that man shows up, it's my turn and it is all about me. I am putting me first. I will become the person I know I am and in the end, I will be happy and strong and beautiful.

I'm not sure I will blog anymore this week so if I don't Happy Thanksgiving.


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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Blog: Fight and laugh!

You all know may remember that I lost my dad to lymphoma when I was 5. My dad was 27. This weekend a co-worker of mine lost her battle with breast cancer. She was 39 and has 5 children, the youngest is 6. Cancer sucks and so forgive me for being a little sad today, it is her funereal. This is in honor of Maria and my dad and my grandparents and all those who lost the battle against cancer and all those who won and all those who are fighting! Fight on! Let's beat cancer!

Okay, a few funny things I pinned too because I can't leave you all sad! We will beat cancer! Believe!

I need this shirt! My brother is always telling me I'm crazy. I'm not crazy. (I'm not weird either, for the record). What I am is silly and funny and me! However I do love this shirt!

This just made me laugh!

Hehe! For my Harry Potter fans!

Sometimes I may or may not feel like this!

There were other funny things but the language was pretty bad so I won't repost them. (Even though they made me laugh!)

Have a good day today! Tell someone you love them. Don't take anyone you care about for granted. Don't waste time you may not have! Be happy!!


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Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday's Blog: Weekend Update and Weight Loss Update

Friday night I had my first night ride at North Shore. A few observations:
-My night vision is terrible.
-Even with lights on my handlebar and helmet seeing is an added challenge!
-Things in a dark wooded area look and sound different at night.
-Keep your mouth closed at all times when riding with a light on your head. (Unless you really like eating bugs.)

Cool story:
By now if you follow my blog you have heard me mention my first, disastrous ride of August 1 at North Shore. If you read my It's Ok Thursday blog from 8-2-12 you know about Mick and Chuck and how they rescued me when I was lost. Friday night I was riding North Shore when a man came from behind me and I pulled over. I'm a slow rider and I get in the way of all the fast boys. The man who was behind me stopped to make sure I was okay and I explained I just pulled over so he could pass. He thanked me and started off but stopped. He looked back at me and said: "Hey, did you get lost out here a while back?" I laughed and said "Yes, was that you who rescued me?" He said "I thought it was you! You got a new bike! Yes, it was me and another guy."
Now, I am positive it was Mick I ran into. He is the one who gave me the water and he talked to me, giving me pointers. How he recognized me three months later in the dark much less remembered my bike is beyond me! I just was really happy to see him and get a chance to thank him again! I also laughed to myself that Chuck would be getting a call that went like this: 'Hey, remember that crazy woman we rescued a while back? I ran into her out at North Shore Friday. Crazy woman is still riding!' Not really, he is one of the nicest guys. I feel really lucky to have met them that night!

Saturday was more riding. Rowlett Creek Preserve with Julie. We had a blast. There was also Longhorn and Irish football.

Later that night was my brothers 40th birthday bash. He teases me because I am older. I tease him because he looks older!

Here is my brother, mom, me and my step-dad. The kids are coming over for a family party later. My brother's girlfriend did an awesome job with the party!

Sunday I rode North Shore in a slight drizzle. I was very careful riding for a couple of reasons. First everything is slippery when wet, especially roots and rocks. Second, I wanted to make sure the trail was okay. Just because the trail was open, doesn't mean it can't be damaged. Luckily the ground was very hard and no damage was done. (I promise, Brannon!)

Skye got a little muddy but not too bad!

I got a little muddy too but the trail was fine! No ruts. It really wasn't very wet. Most of this is from going through the creek which was a little higher because of rain.

Okay, I promised a weight loss update so here it is: I have lost another 2 pounds since starting Weight Watchers two weeks ago. 4 pounds is a healthy weight loss. This is what I keep telling myself because I really want dramatic results! They will come in time. I really can tell the biking is making a huge difference in my bottom and legs. Now for weight lifting. Boo!

So, how was your weekend? Happy Monday! Let's get it!


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