Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Blog Update: Mi Vida Loca

Here it is, what everyone waits every Monday to see! A peek into every bloggers life. Oh how thrilling!! :-)

I went shopping a little Friday and got some new jeans! I'm showing off my bike booty here. Yes it is huge but I don't care. I like my bubble butt! Nobody freak because I just said I liked something about my body! That is progress, right?

I have a running joke with my friend Rachel so I spent Saturday waiting for the Irish game and practicing my Duck face.

I just don't do it very well. Rachel is a pro!

So I decided to try an be sexy! I don't do that well either.

Try not to laugh too hard!

This one did manage to attract a 2 year old who is the son of a friend of mine. He thinks I'm cute!! I win!!!

So, I watched football, ate turkey, had birthday cake for these beauties:

Who turned 9 yesterday!

Tried to stay off my bad knee, which had kept me from riding for over a week. Boo!!!

Oh about that football thing:

Which of these shirts should I buy for my BCS title bound Irish?

Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!


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