Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mobile Monday: weekend updates

Spent some time mountain biking this weekend...

I so love being out in this...

Even when I end up looking like this!

Saturday night we hung out in Ft. Worth for my friend Monica's birthday where the waiter sang to her and later we went to the drive-in. (I think, but I can't be sure, I fell asleep) it was a total blast and I look forward to coming back when it is cooler and maybe I will find a cute guy to make out with. A girl can dream! ;-)

Sunday I spent some QT cleaning my bedroom can now not only find the closet but you can open the drawers to the dresser and get into the cabinet!

I have a ton to update you all on and I hope I will be able to share soon. Good things are happening. In the meantime I am working my bottom off trying to get things in order...oh, and my brother is getting married next month! Yay!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday Blog Live from Rangers Ballpark

I am interrupting my Rangers game for a brief blog announcement. There are a lot of things I need to concentrate my energies on right now in my life and for just a couple of weeks I need to take a break from the Blog to do this.

I am fine for the five of you who care out there. ;-) I just really need to work on clearing out my clutter and making some changes in my life so I can decide where I go from here and what my next move will be and where that move will be. Fixing a house to sell and finding a house to buy and getting my personal life organized are my biggest personal goals along with my health for the rest of 2013.

I am not going anywhere. I will make every effort to blog at least once a week for the next few weeks and keep all 10 of you who care what I do updated on my thoughts, progress and life as I know it.

Everything is great just a lot of change and I need to focus on that and doing right now. Hope y'all understand.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Mobile Monday:Weekend Look Out Annie Oakley

I was suppose to work this weekend which is how I have been spending most of my weekends lately but a smart friend convinced me to use my time for some fun on Saturday and some practical responsibility on Sunday.

My friend likes to hunt. I am not a hunter. However you may have noticed I do like the out of doors a lot and while he was proudly showing off his hunting spots I couldn't help but notice...

How perfect his land is for Mountain Biking.....Skye and I just may have to pay him a visit on a non-gun toting weekend. We won't play there when bullets are flying. We aren't crazy. Plus, we would scare his precious deer and pigs. No really...can you see me on the back of that bike riding that trail saying "woohoo!" While a pig looks at the crazy city girl and shakes it's head and laughs? Ok, I'm not sure wild hogs have a sense of humor but maybe?

This was a friendly spider apparently. The zig zag pattern is kinda cool but I let my phone get the shot.

We did go hunting for poison ivy so I could learn to recognize it and fall the other way when I am out riding!

Then somehow I shot guns. Yes me...the woman who doesn't like guns shot not one but 2 guns. The .22 rifle used for hunting made me really nervous even though it shot easy, accurate and with no kick but put that .38 magnum in my hand with this big burst and loud bang and there was this crazy rush.

I may have cleaned my friend out of rounds and owe him some ammo. It was really fun to shoot but let me be clear, I shot paper and beer cans and plastic targets.

All Gods living creatures are safe. Actually this was an amazing cow we saw on the road on the way out. The deer were amazing as well but I was driving and didn't get a shot of them. I think there were 18 eating in the field beside the highway.

Sunday wasn't nearly as fun. I spent it doing some much needed cleaning out of my garage. You see my garage had become a place to store stuff to eventually throw away but a lot of it was stuff I wasn't sure the trash man would take. You know, old TV's, printers, lawn mowers, vacuums, scanners and things. Well I put it out along with the piles of junk I had in there that I was getting rid of and about 40 minutes before I finished up some people came by asking if they could look through and take some stuff. They took everything I was worried the city wouldn't take! I am happy to say that my garage is in a happy state and my house is a little closer after this weekend. I feel good about this and appreciate the help of a friend who pushed me a little to get going on this project which I have been putting off for months. Step one in the "fix the house to sell the house" project. This is something I have been talking about and thinking about for 6 months. It's time. I love my little house but it is time to move on.

More decisions have to be made...what to do with my 1996 Chevy Camaro for example. Stay tuned.

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Rangers 2013 so far so good:

Normally by this time I have dropped a Halfway point photo bomb on y'all. I am super busy at work this week and thanks to my sweet dogs waking me up at 3:55am today I am laying in bed awake right now so I thought...I don't want to really write much but I can drop a bunch of pictures on you and say TGIF and oh by the way have y'all notices my Rangers are playing some nice baseball? Just saying. :-)

My baseball family. Love them!

Ok we were actually watching a game! This was a girls night out! It counts!

Ok this is really just me before I was going to the drunking booth at work but I wanted to see if you are still hanging in there??

Ok, yes this is Rachel and me in our hats from Brad Paisley but we looked cute so deal! Lol

These are throw back photos of the triplets from 3 years ago at a Rangers game. I know it's not Thursday but so. They make me laugh. It was a Cubs game and the girls were heat beat! Lol

And since nobody cares I thought I would let you know...these are the boots that won my heart. I'm going to run by Cavender's and if they don't have them...I will order them this weekend. This being a cowgirl thang ain't cheap. Neither is being a mountain biker girl...or a baseball fan girl....maybe I need to give something up? Nah.

Happy Friday!
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Monday, August 5, 2013

Wild weekend recap with Sadie!

Hello, I am Sadie!

Today I am writings da blogs for my mama who is sleepings in because Ries and I are givings her a Birthday present! Today she is 305 years old!

I haz to admits she doesn't look a day over 245! I is not saying that cause she feeds me. Well maybe a little. Anyway, because she is sleeping in and cause she let my sister Ries write a blog on Ries' birthday mama said I could writes one today for hers!

So Friday she told you she kissed her bike. Dis bike she drives me crazy. She sleeps in my room. Mama talks to dis bike like it's real. Silly mama. It's just a pile of metal! Don't tells her I say dat. Mama may take my treats away and I know she has a cookie somewhere for me and Ries! Shhh!

Mama and her friend Janetta
Saturday mama wents to someplace called Ft Worth. I asked Ries if she has ever hears of this place and she has never either so we figure it musts be somewheres in China.

Mama and Erick
She has some friends there and she went to visits them.

Erick is the tall human with the bad tastes in colleges and Janetta is the pretty blonde who also was celebrating her birthdays!

They are kinda cutes huh? You mights nots know but mama had something called Beerita? I think it's likes a bone or something cause it makes her smiles. She was gone a long time and when she comes home she mumbled something about us needing to go potty and quits playing because age needs to go to church in da mornings.

(L-R Top: Mama, Trish Rachel Chance Eric.
bottom: Bad mama picture, Eric, Rachel, Chance, Khrystal, Erick, Julie, Monica)
So Sunday nights Mama's friends

(Group shot! Don't they look cute? Monica and Julie are top right. Trish again in middle and Chance, Khrystal, and Erick.)
Met her for dinner. Her friends are from all over DFW. Some are from Dallas and some are from China so they met in Grapevine where Mama heard they had good margaritas. Again. I thinks that is some kinds of bones but you humans confuse me with anything that isn't meat. All I knows is she left happy and she comes home happy and walking crooked but she says to me "Sadie, Mama has the bestest friends in the whole worlds! Just take my phonze and see the pictures and looks at my Facebook!" Humans!

Anyway the way, the way I understand it, Aunt Rachel and Aunt Khrystal played a tricks on Mama and well...Chance him is just a dumb boy and an Aggie fan...but him helped or something's and mama loves him and all the others too. Anyway mama was happy and she snuggles with me and Ries last night and we are happy and she is older today and the world is rights.
Sadie XOXO
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