Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy Anniversary

This is a love story about a girl and her bike. Like all love stories it started out Rocky!
In between we had many great and wonderful Adventures but then we had a major Breakup!

Yet somehow through it all, I knew she was the one and only for me and yesterday when I realized it was our 1 year anniversary I called my trusty bike Skye and I said "Hey babe, I'm sorry. It was my fault. I was wrong. Want to ride tomorrow?" Just like that all was forgiven and I immediately started shoving water down my face to make sure there would be no trip to the ER! Skye and I are currently resting under a shade tree at Horseshoe trail. We are both exhausted. We are both hot. We are both happy.

As we were riding back to the car I couldn't help but think of all we had been through together in the last year. She got me through heartbreak and baseball heartache. She held my hands when I needed a friend. She kicked my butt when it needed kicking. She helped me become stronger. She let me see how strong I am. I was thinking about just how much strength I had realized in myself and how I actually owe a guy who broke my heart so much because he made me see myself in a whole new way and he helped me find my love for mountain biking so I really ended up winning so much in that relationship. As all that was going through my mind a Cardinal flew by and I laughed and I cried a little and I said "I love you too Daddy".

Happy Friday!!

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Rachel said...

I'm sure Skye was happy when I moved out so she could have her room back! Glad you had a good time with her! Be safe!!


Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

I think only my Mom and you knew I was afraid to ride again after the last time. It went well.

Micah said...

Glad you're back out there with Skye. She was probably anxious to get out there.

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Skye was so glad. I think she had almost given up on me. It took me a little time in the morning to talk myself in to going but I promised myself a trail I knew and even though it was a moderate trail I could get out of it easy. I'm happy. I missed it. Oh but my legs ar so weak!

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