Monday, August 5, 2013

Wild weekend recap with Sadie!

Hello, I am Sadie!

Today I am writings da blogs for my mama who is sleepings in because Ries and I are givings her a Birthday present! Today she is 305 years old!

I haz to admits she doesn't look a day over 245! I is not saying that cause she feeds me. Well maybe a little. Anyway, because she is sleeping in and cause she let my sister Ries write a blog on Ries' birthday mama said I could writes one today for hers!

So Friday she told you she kissed her bike. Dis bike she drives me crazy. She sleeps in my room. Mama talks to dis bike like it's real. Silly mama. It's just a pile of metal! Don't tells her I say dat. Mama may take my treats away and I know she has a cookie somewhere for me and Ries! Shhh!

Mama and her friend Janetta
Saturday mama wents to someplace called Ft Worth. I asked Ries if she has ever hears of this place and she has never either so we figure it musts be somewheres in China.

Mama and Erick
She has some friends there and she went to visits them.

Erick is the tall human with the bad tastes in colleges and Janetta is the pretty blonde who also was celebrating her birthdays!

They are kinda cutes huh? You mights nots know but mama had something called Beerita? I think it's likes a bone or something cause it makes her smiles. She was gone a long time and when she comes home she mumbled something about us needing to go potty and quits playing because age needs to go to church in da mornings.

(L-R Top: Mama, Trish Rachel Chance Eric.
bottom: Bad mama picture, Eric, Rachel, Chance, Khrystal, Erick, Julie, Monica)
So Sunday nights Mama's friends

(Group shot! Don't they look cute? Monica and Julie are top right. Trish again in middle and Chance, Khrystal, and Erick.)
Met her for dinner. Her friends are from all over DFW. Some are from Dallas and some are from China so they met in Grapevine where Mama heard they had good margaritas. Again. I thinks that is some kinds of bones but you humans confuse me with anything that isn't meat. All I knows is she left happy and she comes home happy and walking crooked but she says to me "Sadie, Mama has the bestest friends in the whole worlds! Just take my phonze and see the pictures and looks at my Facebook!" Humans!

Anyway the way, the way I understand it, Aunt Rachel and Aunt Khrystal played a tricks on Mama and well...Chance him is just a dumb boy and an Aggie fan...but him helped or something's and mama loves him and all the others too. Anyway mama was happy and she snuggles with me and Ries last night and we are happy and she is older today and the world is rights.
Sadie XOXO
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Jodi said...

Happy Birthday Laura!!!! Looks like you had a fabulous birthday celebration with all of your friends. You are a lucky gal to have such wonderful friends.

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Thanks! I am totally overwhelmed! By them!! You have no idea how much. Truly blessed!

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