Saturday, August 3, 2013

Second Chances plus help!!

I have never done a week in review but I was struck last night when someone on twitter mentioned to me that he read a blog this week and wanted to applaud me for it because it happened to be one not many people read. This caused me to go back and read all of my blogs this week and I realized, I really like this weeks blogs. Since Sadie is my rescue baby (can you believe anyone would dump that sweet face?) I decided she is the perfect poster pup for Second Chance Saturday...oh and I am going to ask for some help in here too so if you read this weeks blogs skip to the bottom.
Ok so here is your chance if you missed any of my genius week. It won't happen again for another...well ever!
Brad Paisley Concert Weekend!
Monday was pretty much dedicated to Brad and my Brad experience. I mean, have you seen this man in jeans? Who wouldn't dedicate a blog to him?
Stop Cyber Bullies!!!
Tuesday I added chapter two to my Words Hurt saga with a message about cyber bullies. I was a little fired up so read it with the knowledge I had a run in with a group of bullies on Twitter the night before who objected to me objecting to their hate.
Wednesday I was swamped at work and blog free.
My Garth Brooks Relationship Tribute
Thursday was the blog hardly anyone read but a guy on twitter sent me the message saying basically stick to your guns! That touched me more than you know. I have a lot of men in my life from friends to co-workers who think I am pretty awesome and actually tell me they love me all the time. That means so much to me. They also regularly threaten to beat up the last or next guy that hurts me. Sweet offers but I pass. Who knew I had so many protective big and little brothers?
A year of Mountain Biking: A Love Story
Friday was a quick little retrospective on my 1st year of mountain biking and a small little miracle that life brings. I am happiest two places on earth: the Ballpark and the trail. It's good to have them both back.
Okaynow for my needed help!!!
Remember my Cowgirl hat?

Well I need boots to go with it. After 2 days of looking on-line I have narrowed it down to the Lucchese's and the Don Poston. I won't tell you which I am leaning toward. They are both the same size shaft. There is a price difference of about $80 but I am going to work a weekend to pay for them either way because neither are cheap so don't think price. The Lucchese's are the top boots and the Don Poston are the bottom. I am going to Jason Aldean in October and decided that I could be totally country in October. (Also, those boots would look great at the World Series this year! Go Rangers!!!)
I am going to order them next week so this vote will stay open until FRIDAY!!! Help me pick!!!!
This is the part where you have to talk to me. Send comments. Tweet me or send me a message on my Facebook page! I don't bite. Really!
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