Thursday, February 5, 2015

Step Mom Diary #2: Child seduction?

Last week I told you about some struggles I was having learning to be a mom to a bouncing baby 11 year old. This week I am going to share my crowning moment of the week. Well, kind of...

We share custody and on the weeks we have O, I take her to school.  Thursday however I picked her up too.   We generally spend our drive time chatting.  On the way home O expressed to me her concern that my husband was working too hard.   He does work too hard and he rarely rests.  It's tiring for me worrying about him overdoing it and clearly the concern has also struck O. 

Anyway, she asked me if "tonight we could seduce dad and get him to rest."  I paused, confused and tried not to drive off the road.   "Where did you hear that word." I ask deflecting her original question with no real skill.  She proceeded to explain it was in a book her class was reading. Now I am concerned. What ARE they teaching kids in school, I think to myself. Instead I ask "what context was it used in this book because I am confused."  She tells me how in the book a dad seduces his baby to make him sleep. I pause taking this all in then I suggest that the dad sedated the child not seduced the child, perhaps?   

Not to be stopped she asks what the difference is.   Quickly trying to get out of this situation without saying "hey look at the pretty birdie" to change the subject o say simply seducing someone is romancing them.   She makes that oh yuck face she makes when she sees anyone kissing and says, well whatever.

So, what is the most confusing or humorous thing your kid has said and  did you almost drive off the road too? 


Ana Valentin said...

I love little cutesy moments like this with children, I may only be 20 years old but my mom says I was born middle aged and though I don't plan on having children with my boyfriend anytime soon we do plan on starting fairly young. I have a younger sister and rather than say things she'd do things that were fairly disturbing like... dance really provocatively like music video girls. TERRIFYING!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

When my nieces were really young they were singing lyrics that were totally inappopriate and I sat there asking them where they heard the songs..the after school program at their elementary school. I was shocked. Part of the reason I was kind of hesitant with Olivia yesterday about the book...but I took it slow. She teaches me way more than I teach her and I love being her step mom more and more each week but this thing...we just laughed all night, my husband and I. I whispered to him last night, do I seduce you or sedate you tonight? LOL

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