Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What I'm Loving and Have a Pinteresting Wednesday

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It's Wednesday again!  I love this blog hop because it's so fun. 

What I am loving:

-Friend and Family time: 
Not only did I get to hang out with friends  on Saturday but I got to see my nephew and two of my triplet nieces Sunday.  The third was in Houston for a volleyball tourney.  My step-daughter and I hung out at softball practice and had a great time.  I love seeing the kiddos getting along. 

-Mckinney, Tx:
It is constantly in the top 10 of the best place to live in the US.   When I lived in other places nearby I didn't get it.  I do now. There is so much to do and so much always going on.  Last weekend was Mckinney Trade Days and Old Red Lumbaryard (ORLY) Sale.  I only made it to ORLY and plan to make it to Trade Days next month but it is just so fun to have the options and the Old Doentown area is so vibrant and alive with shops and cafes.   I can't get over how small it feels at times, right in the DFW metroplex. 

-Craft time with my step-daughter: 

She had a craft project for me,   This was all her idea so I was just along for the ride.

We made plastic bowls!  They turned out really cute.  

Speaking of my step-daughter she "made" me redo her bathroom countertops.  Kind glad she did. It looks really great and now I want to frame the mirror to give it a finished feel.    

What I am pinning:

Extra-crispy French fries baked not fried
I have made several of the potato receipes on my potato board and I think these fries are the next try.  They are baked, not fried! Healthy is always better.  I love sweet potato fries but my family won't eat them so I am constantly looking for ways to make white potatoes a little better for you.

Pallet furniture inspiration :)

I love this and it is made from old pallets.  It is way beyond my carpentry skills which are just short of  "Hello, this is a nail and I can hit it with a hammer".....but I am going to try and make something with some pallets so stay tuned.

easy crate bookcase.. could maybe use this as a buffet in a dining room.. with baskets also.

I actually think with my hubby's help I might be able to pull this off and I would love to do this for our family room.  

We decided to start the carpet removal in family room first because it has concrete floors so we are putting a totally new surface in that room.   Because it is the room with the dog door and the feel of it is much more rustic, we aren't going to try and match anything, we are going with different floors altogether. We can get away with this because the room is on a different level from the rest of the house.  It is an addition, a converted garage and therefore, you have to step down into it.  We are thinking of something along these lines:
Dream Home - St. James 12 mmx5" HDF/Laminate For Family Room
I love the rustic feel, we just have to agree on what we want to put on the floor, since it is going to be the room that gets the most use and the washer and dryer and the garage are both off this room as well as one of the doors to the outside deck.   I love this idea of starting in this room, my husbands not mine.  I have a thought that once this room is done, I will feel better because there will be at least one finished room in the house!

So what are you loving and pinning this week?

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