Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What I'm Loving & Have a Pinteresting Wednesday Blog Hop

What I am loving:

*This video....It is so funny and who doesn't love Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon.  I can't pick my favorite.

*Speaking of the Super Bowl, I loved Katy Perry.   I know some people weren't that impressed but I thought the effects were amazing and I have to tell you, if she actually was singing and not lip sinking all of that while hopping around like a bunny in high heels and doing all that crazy choreography, then I am amazed.

*Sweet Potato Chips.
Goodness, I may never eat a potato chip again!  I actually love sweet potatoes that are spicy so when I indulge in a chip with salsa, I am picking sweet potatoes now.  For some reason, I have convinced myself this is a healthier choice.

Okay so there is a project that is literally driving me crazy and when I finally get it done, I will be blogging about it but I am totally in love with my sanders, paint, and the incredible amount of dirty I have been lately.

*That my husband let me pick out my own Valentine's Day gift.  Sometimes he will buy me jewlery but most of the time, like with my engagement ring, he let me pick my own out.  I love that he doesn't fuss too much about me being a girlie girl when it comes to this stuff even if I haven't worn much jewlery other than my wedding rings since we got married.

Just expect me to love this every week and you won't be surprised.

*My husband's smoked chicken.
Have I mentioned before that I married a man that can cook?

*All the blogs I have been reading.
There are some amazing and talented writers out there and I have been reading a bunch of new blogs since joining The Blogging Elite.

*Speaking of The Blogging Elite, what a wonderful and supportive group of bloggers!

Have a Pinteresting Wednesday:

Faux fireplace with bookshelves on sides. Want to build this. :)


I want to do a built in entertainment/electronic fire place in my family room so much!  I love this because it has shelves everywhere and I could hid my vast DVD collection.

Old armoire used for big TV transformed into a bar. Removed two large front doors, and adapted the interior. Work involved was minimal.... Great idea for dining room

I see old armoires everywhere at second hand stores and for CHEAP but I never know exactly what to do with them since I have an amazing one in my bedroom already which I have clothing in.  This I totally love.   I am so doing this.

Build your own Rustic Sideboard/Buffet Table. Free #Plans at Ana-White.com #DIY

I want a buffet for my dining room but I do not want to pay the $3000 it would cost me to have the kind I want so I am thinking of trying to make my own, with the help of my hubby.  Don't tell him yet though since I have only asked him to show be how to use the saw! :)

Metallic painted furniture

I am really trying to figure out how to encorporate metalic painted furniture in  my country home.  It is so upscale and way more New York than I am but I totally love it!

Click Pic for 21 DIY Pallet Projects | Old World European Sideboard | DIY Pallet Furniture | DIY Wood Pallet Projects

I would litterally kill for this piece. It is very ornate and completey perfect for my dining room which is going to have a teal and red table soon.



My step-daughter is obsessed with potatoes.  Seriously, my mom made twice baked potatoes for Thanksgiving the first time I met my step-daughter and I am not completely convinced she doesn't want to be with us in the hopes that we will have twice baked potatoes every week.  These look so good, I may have to try them!


If there is one thing about my husband that drives me crazy (and there are actually many) it is that he is kind of picky about his food.  He doesn't like sauces unless he makes them.  You would not believe the battle we have over spaghetti sauce.  I like mine, he prefers his.  When we have spaghetti, we have two sauces.   He also doesn't like anything sweet  or creamy on his meat.  This means any sweet and sour or BBQ is probably not going to fly.   To me, this Chicken Dish looks amazing. Unfortunately, I like sugar....a lot!

Okay, your turn to in the Blog Hop fun now!!!  Add your link below!


Unik By Mlle Parker said...

Hmmm the potato dish looks yummy!

christine gallagher said...

I love this post because it's full of a variety of topics but doesn't drag on, great work oh by the way those potatoes look amazing, now I know what I am making with dinner. Thanks for sharing

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

They look sinful but I think my kid is going to make me make them for dinner. I don't eat cheese so I am safe but the rest of the world....
Thanks for stopping in!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Oh thank you! I am pretty sure we are having those tatters for dinner too. The kiddo saw them and pretty much said...make them tonight. :)

Katie said...

I loved the lip sync battle!! So fantastic! And Donny decided he wanted to pick out his own VDay present too, but he had already ordered mine... Sneaky, sneaky... Lol

Storybook Apothecary said...

I love coffee too haha and sweet potato chips! such cool tables ♥

stop by and chat if you like :) http://storybookapothecary.com

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

HAHA! I apparently owe you an apology. I seem to have gotten Donny hooked on Serial. He sent me a Tweet this morning that he finished it. Joe hates my podcast addiction, LOL.
I am making Joe pick out his own V-Day gift because he wants some tool thing that you pull behind the riding lawn mower and it does...something? He tried to explain it and I just said, Weekend, Tractor Supply, You and Me. LOL

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

I was over at your blog a minute ago on my phone and I am going back but I have to tell you, the BOOTS you are wearing are fab! I am so jealous right now!

Earl-Leigh said...

I have a growing obsession with potatoes. That one looks really good!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Unfortunately, My hips have a growing obsession too! LOL.
Anything with bacon looks pretty good to me but I mean...bacon! :)

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