Thursday, April 30, 2015

It's okay to want to throw things at Facebook, right?


I don't have a Favorite Things blog in me today.  It isn't that I don't have favorite things it is just that life is kind of wearing me down so I decided, It's Okay was the way to go. I am warning you, I am in a special kind of Gingers Only will understand MOOD.   So without further ado!

It's OKAY:

-That I get into gentle discussions on Facebook about how stupid people's comments are.  I am not mean, just trying to get them to THINK.  Listen, if you are going to actually take the time to comment on a news story, how about you actually read the news story and not just the headlines.  That way, You won't be talking out of your A$$.   (Okay, honestly, when someone I don't know called me "Laura Honey" this morning, I may have gotten just a LITTLE smart-arsed back.)
-I am trying to figure out the best way to help a child through the passing of family. Trying to ignore that someone is sick is the way we are addressing it for now but that can't go on forever.   I should be an expert at this, having lost my father at 5, but I swear to you, I don't think there is a way to make it better.  It just freaking hurts....a lot...forever. 

-That I get super frustrated at my daughter's softball.  First, we have had a ton of rain so games have been rained out.  They have actually played only one game so far.  Next comes the beautiful, dry day like last night were I take work off early to get her to the game and as soon as we are loading the truck with all the crap, we get the message that the game has been called.   Now keep in mind, this is the 2nd game that was called and from what I understand, there are 4 ball fields these kids play.  One has lights that were struck by lightening, one has a sinkhole where the drive to the park used to be, and the other two are in unknown order.  It seems pretty clear if you are going to call the game, you should know way before 5:00 when the team is meeting at 5:30.   

-It's okay that I talk to the TV.  It's true.  I know it isn't going to talk back but I tell it off or yell at it just the same. 

-It's okay that my boss and my husband take turns making fun of my 'passion'.   Yes, I am passionate about things and yes I do defend my beliefs.   Someone has to, right?

-It's okay that I got really excited when I saw my Texas Rangers Table which you can see HERE last night reposted on Facebook in a painting group with a message that someone was inspired to try and do their own spool table.   Yay! I inspired someone. 

-That this quote speaks to me more today than yesterday and I am willing to bet it will speak to me more tomorrow than today. 
Consequences Bad Decison Quotes | The victim mindset dilutes the human potential. By not accepting ...
I am totally over everyone who thinks playing the victim should mean the rest of us should 1. Care, 
2. Treat you different, 3. Absolve you of personal responsibility for your actions.  Nobody gets a free ride.  Nobody is more important than the next person.  

-It's okay that my husband really is my best friend.  I lean on him and cry on his shoulder.  I yell at  him and throw laundry at him sometimes.   He gets my grumpy side at 5:30 am and my happy side at 5:30 pm.  He deals with my temper tantrums and my insecurities.   He tells me stupid jokes and sometimes he makes me laugh.  (Most times).  If I didn't have any friends left but him, I would have the only friend I need and it's okay because I do have other friends, some really good ones, and when he isn't around, we can laugh and joke and sometimes we laugh at him.  Because, you know, he is a man and they are....MALE. 

Finally, and remember I warned you I was in a mood.  It is OKAY that  I am so sick of people pretending to be all sweet, innocent. sympathetic and great, God fearing, Christians in public  but behind closed doors they are fake, liars, cheats and hypocrites.  Remember, I told you I was in a mood. (Also Okay considering my week)  Someday I am going to just air it all and tell you a little story that will turn your stomach but for right now, know there are a couple people that are responsible for this mood and they deserve whatever they get in life and none of it will likely be good...and that is Okay by me as long as they don't hurt anyone I love in the process.  Which, they will.  See, why I am in a mood?   

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I believe....

It seems like lately whenever I turn on the news, there are so many bad things happening that it is easy to get lost in the negative.   So today I am doing something different.  I am doing an I Believe post and putting it all out there.

I believe: 

-In God and that He is in control.  We worry too much about things we can't control and we need to have more faith that He has this.

-That religion is not the same as faith.  I have a Christian religion but it does not define my faith.  More terrible things are done hiding behind religion than probably anything else in the world.  Sometimes religion is wrong and sometimes people use the Bible, Koran, ect as an excuse to act and behave in a hateful way.  That is not about faith that is about inhumanity.

-In the United States of America.   I see a lot of posts on my Facebook (and ignore them) about how nothing has changed since the 1960's.  I don't know what country these folks live in but everything has changed.  There is an African American first family.  We are more aware of individual freedom and rights to choose their path. People are coming out more and more and discussing topics we never would have discussed like being Gay, Lesbian, and transexual.   Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs are completely different.  There are warning lables on cigarettes and alcohol and they have legalized marijuana in some states.  We are fighting wars with terrorists who play by no rules.  This country isn't perfect, it is a work in progress but it is a great country.  Work to change what isn't working and stop making excuses for other people's bad or criminal behavior.
To all those who have fought for and died for our freedom... words can not begin to express my gratitude.
-That love is too hard to find to define it for someone else.   I don't pretend to know everything but if two people who love each other want to marry, regardless of my religious beliefs, I am nobody to stand in their way.   Let them marry and let God deal with the rest.  It isn't my business.

-In the designated hitter.  I hate watching pitchers bat and even though watching Shin Soo Choo right now is about like watching a pitcher hit, I would still rather have the DH than deal with National League Baseball.

-That STRESS kills.   This morning I walked into work and had already delt with more stressfull situations than I will probably deal with all day.   Finding a way to relieve stress is huge.  I paint.  Figure out what  your thing is and do it.

-That people drive like crap.   Cars are not islands.  People should try to be polite behind the wheel because people die when you are careless and stupid.  Texting, alcohol and speed are the main reasons behind accidents today.  I am terrible about putting the phone down but I am going to try to get better.   Everyone should.

-That there are way more good, honest, non-racist police officers in this world than there are bad cops.  These men and women put their lives on the line everyday (and some die) for average citizens of all kind.  This country would fall apart without those willing to sacrafice.  Labeling all police as bad is a very dangerous and broad sweeping bit of ignorance.

-That the media in this country is ridiculous.  They seem to enjoy showing only the worst side of humanity and do everything possible to flame the fires.   The media has a responsiblity to report everything fairly.  If you are going to report every single bad thing that happens from the worst possible light then you are irresponsible and inciting riots.

-That if you are going to break the law you deserve to go to jail.  Being angry at the world is not an excuse to break the law.  Feeling like you deserve more than someone else is not an excuse to break the law.  The world doesn't owe you anything.  You got life and you get the choice to do with it what you will.  If you do the crime expect to do the time.

-In individual responsibility.   Make changes not excuses.  If you want to change the system you must work within the system.  Excuses and pity are going to get you exactly what you have.  If you want or need to change, then work to change.  If your situation is not a positve then work to make it better.  We all have our own struggles, nobody is unique in this.  You can pick yourself up and fix yourself or you can stop living.

-in being there for people who have been there for you.
Here I outline a few of the most important qualities of a true friend, as well as the importance of defining what friendship means to you
-In cutting ties with toxic people.  Some people do not deserve to be in my life.  For those people, I have no time or energy left.  I make no excuses for their bad behavior and I owe them no apologies.  I simply don't care to deal with their drama, selfishness, and self pity.

-That step-parents are overlooked and unappreciated members of a family unit.  We deal with all of the same problems as a birth parent but the respect and appreciation is half.  I love my (step) daughter the same as I would if I had been her birth parent and I worry and want the best for her.  The responsibility is something I took on as part of marrying her father.   Nobody gets to define me as "not a parent" because I didn't give birth to her.   I am a parent, I just got there a little late. 

-I believe in planting trees, composting, and  growing your own food.  Taking care of your little piece of earth is an important part of being responsible. 

Finally, I believe that politics suck and no party is right.  I believe politicians lie and are out of touch.  I believe that it is up to all of us to work to make OUR communities better and stop expecting the politicians to change our county.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Baseball Talk: The things I want Josh Hamilton to know

This isn't a Dear Josh Hamilton blog but it could be.  These are the things I would tell Josh if I could sit down and talk to him.  

have been thinking about this all weekend.  Josh Hamilton coming back to my Rangers.  Josh said some dumb things when he left.  Even before he left the perception from the fans was he quit on the team.  Josh Hamilton has some fences to mend in Dallas-Ft. Worth.  

Josh was a great player for 4 1/2 years here.  He had the most successful years of his career in a Rangers uniform.   He was beloved by fans.  He was loved by me. He was my favorite Ranger.   

I am a good fan.  I try to see the best in players who wear the Rangers uniform.  I defended CJ Wilson when 98% of Rangers Nation hated him and that was while he was with the team. I tried to support Lance Berkman even though I thought he was a jerkface.  Turned out I was right but, it was the name on the front of the uniform not the name on the back.  I didn't boo him.  It killed me but I didn't.  I have never booed a Rangers player until Josh Hamilton's last game in Texas.  I was frustrated, the fans at the park were frustrated.  Josh clearly didn't care or if he did, he did a good job of pretending like he didn't. 

So we fast forward two years.  Hamilton's world is collapsing.   He has filed for divorce from his wife, Katie.   He and the Angels have had a falling out over his self admitted drug relapse.  He apparently wants to come home.  He  seemingly wants to play for Texas.   He has some work to do. 

First and foremost Josh needs to get his priorities straight.  He needs to quit hiding behind his faith.  He needs to stop making excuses for his bad decisions and take responsibility for his life, his addiction, and his baseball career.   That is the Christian in me talking.  I have a lot of faith too but Josh, at this point, comes off as a hypocrit of the worst Christian kind.  I don't know what his personal struggles are beyond his substance abuse but he obviously has problems.  We all do.  I can't make excuses for my life and neither should he.  He makes his own choices and nobody believes that God told him to go to California to get the big money contract and subject himself to the lure of the Hollywood life.   I don't think that was God talking, it sounds more like Katie Hamilton.  He made a dumb choice so say that.  

I don't need an apology from Josh for calling DFW a bad baseball town.  I don't care what he said.  I chalk that up to him being butt hurt because the Rangers didn't go after him with the crazy money the Angels did. The truth is, this isn't a baseball town.  It isn't a basketball town.  It is not a hockey town.  It isn't even a football town, Sorry Cowboys, it isn't.   Dallas-Ft. Worth is a winners town. Aside from a few fans who support the individual teams come Hell or High Water, the town supports the team that is winning. 
Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers
What I need to see from Josh is to see that he cares again or maybe for the first time ever.  I need to see that he is going to give baseball 100% when he is on the field.  I think he plays hard but he makes dumb choices.  I need Josh to play smart.  Baseball came easy for him, he says so in his book.   Baseball probably came too easy.   I don't feel like Josh Hamilton loves the game.  I feel like Josh Hamilton plays because he is naturally skilled athletically and this is the game he knows.   Alright, that is fair.  He can make a ton of money playing a little boys sport but he also needs to respect the people in the stands who do not make a ton of money.   He needs to play baseball the way the game should be played and I am not just talking about hitting homeruns and catching balls.  I am talking about respecting the sport that has given him everything money can buy.  I am talking about making the team he plays for and the fans who cheer him, and Rangers fans will cheer him again, a priority in his life.  Josh Hamilton has become some kind of cartoon figure, spouting religion and talking in baseball circles.  It is time for Josh Hamilton to stop hiding behind his faith and start taking the heat for himself.  He can do that by simply saying he has screwed up publically and that he wants to get his act together....again. 

I want to like Josh Hamilton again but more than that I want Josh Hamilton to like himself.   I want him to be smarter.  I want him to play smarter.  I want him to make better choices in life.  For himself, for his kids, and yes, there is a part of me that hopes he manages to patch up his marriage.  Nobody can do it for him.  Only Josh Hamilton can babysit Josh Hamilton.   He does not need, nor should he get an accountability partner. It is time for Major League Baseball, the Texas Rangers, and everyone who is around Josh Hamilton to stop catering to his addiction, personal flaws, and private hell.  It is time for Josh Hamilton to grow up and be the person God wants him to be and the player fans deserve.  Any fans but especially Texas Rangers fans who stood by him when he fell more than once.  It is time for Josh to be responsible for Josh. 

So will I cheer for Josh?  Yes, I will.  Am I selling out?  No, I am not.   Did I want him back?  Not really, but the deal the Rangers have made is too full of potential and too low on the risk side not to give it a shot.   Am I going to dust of my now SHamilton t-shirt?  Probably not.  I will wear that to paint in but I can't take the S off and I am not sure I want to anyway. I prefer to forgive his stupidity when he left in attacking the fans and never forget.   Am I going to run out and buy a new Hamilton shirt.  Nope.  Been there, done that.   Do I want Josh Hamilton to be happy?  Sure, I want everyone almost everyone to be happy.  Do I want him to positively effect the Rangers?  Heck yes, this team is floundering with low batting averages and bad pitching.   Do I expect a lot from Josh Hamilton?  Not really.  

In the end, I am a good fan and I will be there to cheer but cheering a player and trusting them are two very different things.  Josh Hamilton lost the fans trust a long time ago and he has some fences to fix before he should even think about getting that back.  

And that is what I would tell Josh Hamilton, if I could.    

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Favorite Things Thursday: Getting Creative at Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

It is time for my Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop Link Up with Katherine's Corner and all her lovely co-hosts.   If you haven't checked out this hop yet, there are some amazing ideas shared every week.    With that in mind, I am going to talk reduce, reuse and recycle today.  After all, with Earth Day this week, it seems like the perfect time to do a Reduce, Reuse and Recycle type blog.


We have all seen these spools. They are everywhere cable and electrical 'stuff' is being laid.   My friend just happened to get his hands on one and dropped it off in my driveway last Friday.   I got to work as quickly as I could on sanding.  Now, this spool was never, ever going to be smooth and perfect.  I put some wood filler on the top to aid it but a little bit worn was part of the charm.   So I sanded, and sanded, and sanded.   Finally, I gave up and decided it was time to turn this spool into my outdoor bar table.  Yep, this one is mine.  It was free after all and so I could do with it whatever I wanted!

And what I wanted was a Texas Rangers Baseball table.  I went to Pinterest for inspiration and found, not a lot but a few pieces that sent me on my way to creating my own.

It was looking very patriotic after I had painted the Rangers colors on the table.  The idea was originally to just do a simple baseball table top but that isn't good enough for me.  

So I decoupaged Texas Rangers logos all around the table.  There are four of them to be exact.  Suddenly it hit me like..a ball to the head.  I should make the top the baseball in the logo.   Now, I have a little, tiny, confession.   I hate doing baseball stiching. I always, always, always think it looks child like and silly when I am done.   Ah well, what the heck, it is a free bar. So I freehanded the big red T in the center and left it to dry.

I really get into my painting by the way.  I crawl all over the floor and contort in odd positions.  My husband can't ever figure out why I am sore and achy after.  Well, I am 44 years old and I get in postions a 3 year old enjoys!   Okay, so in between this, we got the chicks and it took me two days to finish the top.  Freehanding the blue this point I wanted to quit.  I mean why ruin it with stitiching?  My husband refused to let me.  "You can do this!"  He said. i heart him.

So I added the blast baseball stiching last night and let it dry.   Then I added some Spar Urethane.  This is going to be outside so I need it protected for outside weather.  Spar Urethane seemed to be the best choice.   One coat is on, and there are 3 to go but here is the finished product!

I have to admit, I love it.   It is pretty in that 'Oh so perfect for Laura' sort of way.  

And I even love the baseball stiches.  Not quit perfect but it is hand painted and should it really be?


When we moved into the house we had a hot tub...a broken hot tub.   It was never going to be a hot tub again.  We had two choices, remove it and fill in the deck, thus creating a land fill issue with an old, broken, hot tub, or reuse it.   I suggested a garden would be the perfect solution.  I had wanted an herb garden but hubs, well he planted onions.

So my Cayanne Peppers and Basil are beside the hot tub...that's okay.  I had these pots that weren't being used.

And there was this old, metal tub that was just sitting with weeds in it on a stump.   The previous owner had left it and hubs wanted to throw it out but I said "No!"  Now my Cilantro is happily growing in that pot.

And keeping with the grow your own, this is our garden beyond the fence.  I honestly would have loved to get you a better picture but it's raining again and so you are stuck with my photos from my deck.   So far we have planted tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, jalapeno, cucumber, zucchini and squash.    (This goes with the plum, 3 peach, 2 pear, 1 fig, and 2 pecan trees we planted).

Did I tell you all that I bought a pitch fork last weekend?   Why? Well because what you can't see in my garden photo above is my compost pile.   Yep, we are reducing our waste by composting.  We are putting eggshells, coffee grounds, paper, leaves, veggie refuse and fruit stuff.  Basically, anything that isn't meat/fish because that is a no-no composting but hey, I have dogs!  We have been doing this since we moved in and I went to pitch it this weekend and found a rich lovely compost is forming at the bottom.    

In a side note this is what my husband and I look like now:
 Okay, be sure to check out Katherine's Corner for all the great and inspiring blogs this week!
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's Okay, that I'm Loving, What I am and Pinning what I do.

Confession time, I was going to do an "It's Okay" post today but I couldn't find my button so you are stuck with a what I'm loving/pinning because that's what I found and I that's okay. :)   I am just combining everything because that's how I roll. 

What I'm loving: 
Sadie checking on her chicks 
Yep they are still there. 
Sleepy heads 
Ries checking on the chicks 

My dogs woke me up at 3am this morning and I haven't been back to sleep, so right now I am loving my coffee. 
Btw, the dogs woke me at 3am because they wanted to see the baby chicks.  Smh, talk about mama hens!  

This hutch: 
Decisions, Decisons 
I got it in am auction and honestly didn't think I would end up the highest bid by a long shot.  Naturally, now o have to figure out what to do with it! 

The British: 
I am sure most people in Great Britian do not have Union Jack emblazoned 3 piece suits and most haven't been waiting for the birth of William and Kate's baby (hope it's a girl and they get Diana in there somewhere) outside the hospital for a week even though Kate is still at home and comfy.  I am sure most haven't made up songs for a girl/boy but the ones that have kept me laughing at 4am and made me say outloud "the British are funny and strange people" to which my husband grunted. ;-) 

I occasionally write a tongue in cheek blog about being a step-monster but honestly I think being a step mom is the hardest thing I have ever done.  I could write a book on pre-teen drama, emotional collapses, and smart mouths and that's after 7 months of marriage but I realized the other day after a blow up, hers then mine, when I sent her to her room and she came out to apologize to me, she and I communicate well.  She opens up to me and even though I feel like she doesn't respect me, she actually does because she trusts me.   Now with pre-teens the emotional roller coaster runs in about a 48 hour cycle meaning there is a total and complete meltdown every 2 days but, I am super step monster and I am ready! 

The 2nd 6 months of marriage: 
I am not going to lie, the first 6 months of marriage were hard.  We went through a lot of changes in our life and neither my hubs nor I are the most easy going people in the world.  Truth be told we are both really stubborn so we spent a lot of time holding our respective ground the first few months.  The last couple of months we have seemingly learned each other's quirks and managed to stay off each other's last nerve.   In other words, I feel like we are working together now as a team more than ever.

Unicorn Spit

I am so in love with this package that the Unicorn Spit folks sent! How cute is it?  I can't wait to try this stuff out.  I just have to finish the current project which is almost done and then this box is in use. Oh, and wait until you see my current project.  My Facebook people probably figured out I totally adore the piece I am doing right now!

Have a Pinteresting Wed: 

I feel like after the ups and downs of the last few weeks and all the rain, rain, rain, what I need is some inspiration! 
I tell my hubby this a lot.  One of these days I am going to get around to making one of these signs! 

Made to Order Rustic Wooden Pallet Sign - I Love You to the Moon and Back Wall Decor Children's Room Nursery Decor Family Room Wall Art
It's Okay:

I'm going to throw an "it's okay" post in because that's what I really wanted to do today.  

It's okay that social media randomly follows, unfollows, or re follows people without my consent.   Twitter will just randomly unfollow people from time to time.  This morning I noticed Bloglovin had re-followed at least one blog I haven't been following in well over a year.  I get to the point where I question myself briefly, "was I so sleep deprived or drunk (no) that I could randomly follow or unfollow someone?   I have been known to do really crazy stuff on Ambien with no memory.  Wait, I stopped taking Ambien a year ago because hubby hated how I would have no memory of entire conversations. Um, I don't think I followed or unfollowed these folks so it must be the crazy world of social media. 

It's okay that it seems to rain all the time.  Our lake levels have risen 10 feet in 3 months.  Since they were over 12 feet low 3 months ago, that is a really good thing.  

It's okay that my almost 12 year old kid came in last night and asked if she could take a stuffed animal to school with her.  She is in day two of standardized testing and she can't decide if she is a little kid or not.  So she told me she was picking the stuffed animal that was least baby like then asked me if I could guess which one she picked.  I said, "Your camo bear." Nailed it.  

It's okay that watching sports just doesn't seem as important to me as it once did.  Honestly, work is stressful, my home life is full, and time is precious.  Right now I would rather listen to a Rangers game on the radio and paint than sit in front of the TV and veg.  

It's okay that I had this post ready to go at 6am and I am still not posting it until lunch.  I got busy today and sometimes that happens. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Our new little family:We adopted Babies!

We have been talking about getting chickens for a while now.  If you have never had fresh eggs they are so good.  The difference is clear just in color of the yoke. Where the eggs you get from the store have a yellow color to them, 

Fresh eggs are almost orange in the center and the taste is much richer.  Last night we made a drive into Farmersville to the feed store and picked out 8 baby chicks,
I am dying at the cuteness 
We are actually getting 4 more but we have to wait for a new shipment at the end of the week.  Right now we have 4 black speckled and 4 of the fluffiest little yellow chicks you have ever seen.  They will all be laying brown eggs in a few months.  Lovely, wonderful, brown eggs. The chicks we are picking up at the end of the week lay green eggs.  I had never seen a green egg until I started eating fresh eggs, another thing I can thank my husband for. :) 

So right now in my living room, in front of my fire place we have a chick incubator.   They have to be kept warm.  The dogs are confused.   Both are bird chasers so this has been my biggest worry while discussing chickens.   They watch the chickens but mostly they stay away.  When I was holding them last night they would come over and smell and both dogs snapped once but after mamma corrected them they seemed to relax.  

This little lady does not like being held

This little guy is named Beltre, after Texas Rangers player Adrian Beltre because whenever you pick him up he throws a fit, especially if you pet his head.  It was a natural fit.   

And this midget is Peep.   Honestly if you say Peep, Peep to it, she repeats but, but we just thought she looked like an Easter Peep. 

We are getting some red chickens so I am saving BEVO for one of those.  That is the Texas Longhorn mascot Longhorn steer.  

As for the rest, I am waiting to figure out who the trouble maker is because that is surely the Elvis Andrus chicken and Olovia is working on names but I did nix calling any chicken Butt.  :) 

I know it is silly but the babies are so sweet.  My husband told me this morning not to get too attached to the little ladies because they only live about 5 years and then we have to start all over and they have a lot of natural enemies.  (Mean old baddies).  I don't care.  How can you not just love them.  Last night one of the little black speckled ones fell asleep on me and I was smitten.  I had to keep reassuring the dogs they were still my babies too. :)

And here is where, if my phone and laptop would ever work together in harmony, I would add a nifty video of my new kids but instead, I am sending you a link to my instagram video.  :) 

Now Olivia, want goats and ducks.  Lord help me but we need a bigger yard.  

Friday, April 17, 2015

Skin Deep: Britt McHenry


If you haven't seen the video with ESPN reporter Britt McHenry berating a parking garage attendant last weekend, I warn you, if you had any opinions, good or bad about about McHenry it is sure to plummet after:


Anyone who has seen McHenry can see she is an obviously physically attractive individual however, her behavior and what I can only consider her apology, not because she thought she did something wrong but because she got caught, are so appauling and for some reason, I find myself extreemly bothered by her behavior.  Is her meltdown the worst thing that has happened this year?  Not even close.  Is is typical of certain spoiled, self important members of society?  Of course. The moments when Britt not only expresses how she could do the attendant's  job if she didn't have teeth, all the way to the parting 'Lose some weight' are so obnoxious.  Nearly as obnoxious and her calling the attendant "Honey".  This was someone doing thier job. 
YGL 2012: Britt McHenry, Sports Reporter for WJLA-TV ABC 7
I think what is particuarly upsetting to me is that as a female who at one time wanted to go into sports reporting, a time when females did not go into the lockeroom (it was the 1980's when I had to decide on a college major and the real sports reporters at that time, were all men)  I am annoyed that this pretty face who is clearly hired as much for her blonde hair, long legs, and big um, eyes, is about as nice a human being as a thug on the streets or some of the NFL players she talks to on the sidelines.   I am not the only one.  I have seen female reporters on Twitter expressing the belief that ESPN, in suspending McHenry for a week, did not come close to making a statement.   The reporters all want her fired. These are women who are her peers.  These are women who theoretically, know what she goes through on a daily basis.  These are women who are pretty in their own right and have no reason to be jealous.  These are successful reporters.  They are the ones saying McHenry should be fired.  I stand with them.   Am I being harsh? Maybe.  Maybe she did just have a bad day.  We all have them.  I have them about once a month.  Even on my worst day, I have never, ever gone into a place of buisness and personally attacked an employee.

Maybe it is because in my job, I have been on the receiving end of a telephone call, more than once, that was about as personal and disrespectful as the incident with Britt McHenry.   People are willing to tell you exactly how evil, mean, horrible, rotten ect, they think you are even though they don't know you.   I have had people attack my race, religious faith, moral values, and family status but never, have any of them said it to my face.  I always have the ability, when they start off this way, to remind them that I will disconnect the call when it becomes too personal, and I have.  The fact that McHenry went off like that in public is what is so telling.  Even after she was warned she was being taped, she went off.   This is who this woman is, in life. I know this is only my opinion so take it for what it is worth.  She didn't care she was being taped because she didn't think she was being wrong.  She felt that parking lot attendant was unimportand and she is on TV.  She is the big shot and the attendant is a nobody who can only be hired to sit in a trailer.  Britt, 'Honey', without people to do those silly little jobs you take for granted, you would have none of the things in life that mean so much to you, including that car that was towed because you parked illegally. 

The reality is, in our society we are judged by what's on the outside until what's on the inside becomes so appauling that we have to face the facts, Beauty is only skin deep.    You can be a pretty, young blonde anything, but if you are hateful, spiteful, and mean, eventually, that is going to show up and people won't like you.   When people don't like you, Britt, 'HONEY', it doesn't matter how pretty you are, or that you are or use to be on TV.   

One final thought, I saw this video played over and over on Headline News this morning and the very pretty female reporter would say over and over "Wow" and something along the lines of she is just shocked by the video every time she sees it.  She was appauled.  I was appauled, Normal people are appauled.  Basically, we learned in this one instance anyway, what's on this very pretty girl's inside is very ugly indeed.   Hopefully, that is a lesson we take to heart and start spending more time looking at who a person is inside and less on how big their...eyes are.  

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Favorite Things Thursday

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Duck Dynasty Hat. 
Monday I shared my weekend photos which included our "Lunch with Si " and I forgot to post the hat.   Here she is.  I love that it is signed by 5 of the Duck Dynasty cast including Jase and Si.

Chest of Drawer Makeover
New pulls!
A few weeks ago I shared the makeover on this chest of drawers (Link above).  I thought it was done but the drawer pulls bothered me and the size was a different from average size.  Well, I found an amazing set of pulls and redid the redo.   I love the feel of these babies and I think it makes the Chest feel a little more romantic.  Or maybe that is me.

Yes this is my house...don't worry we are going to get rid of that ugly 1970 peach brick one of these days.  Totally not on my favorite things list but the never ending parade of flowers in the front yard are definately amazing!

My Hubby's Norwegian Tacos
Husband calls these Norwegian Tacos.  My comment was, when did they get tacos in Norway?  Basically, his grandma created this cross between a taco, quesadilla, and grilled cheese sandwich.  They are pretty great.   He uses venison, because that is what we have in our freezer, a thin layer of refried beans and he used velveeta (the grilled cheese/Norwegian part because lord knows Norway is famous for American Cheese!).  You grill them kind of like a grilled cheese with a little butter (or Butter flavored Pam) in the pan for crispness. Then you top with your favorite fixings, salsa, guac, sour cream, green onions, and tomatoes. (I don't like head lettuce on my sandwiches or tacos but you feel free.)  The production line to make these babies is actually more complicated than the recipe and personally, I would make them with sharp cheddar but he loves velveeta.  Men, gotta love them!

I am simply loving this chicken that I get from the Mexican Market pre-marinated and so tender.  Also, how great our weather has been lately. We are so lucky to have a great spring with 70's and 80's because I know soon it will be pushing 100.  You have to love North Texas weather.   It always gets you back to 110.

Finally, one of my favorite things this week has been all the amazing feedback I have gotten over my Tuesday Blog about parenting.   It is nice to know that parents can laugh at the tongue in cheek funniness of the craziness of kids.  Probably because we would cry if we didn't. :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Have a Pinteresting Wednesday No 4

Okay so a little aside here, last night while I was trimming my hedges with one of those automatic trimmers, you know the ones they look like this:

The 4 Best Hedge Trimmers You Can Buy  -
My pinky was caught in the blades and luckily I was able to pull it out before it got to the bone.  Anyway, the point is, I am typing with 9 fingers today and a big bandage looking thing around my right pinky so this is going to be short and sweet.   Work is hard enough.  

Have you seen Unicorn SPIT?  OMG this stuff is beautiful.  It takes stain to an entire new world.  I am going to use this on my mom's mother's day present.   It's a simple little piece, but when I am done, it is going to be amazing. 

Cute for a #boysbedroom--for the future, if he is into baseball
I really want to make a dresser with this front and Texas Rangers sides.  I don't know if I can find a buyer but it might be my favorite project. 

Mini Harry Potter Sign Post by OohhhBurn on Etsy, $30.00
So little known, odd fact here, my driveway to my house actually has a name.  There isn't a sign but the driveway is called Peppermint Lane.  If you get on google or siri and put my address in it will tell you to turn on Peppermint Lane.  Anyway, I am so wanting to make a sign for my yard that says Peppermint Lane.    Kind of like this but maybe I could use a few other fake places then just Harry Potter stuff. 

Yes, that is all furniture stuff but that is what I pin. 


It has been a challenging week personally this week.  I am not even talking about the fact that I almost cut my finger off.  There are some issues that are stressing me out.  I needed this reminder that God has this.   He will shape it, and give me knowledge if I ask.   Lord, I am asking!
True friends don't replace you so easily with new friends...when they do, you know it really wasn't a friendship...
So periodically I go through this burst of depression and sadness because I feel like in the past 5 years I have lost a lot of friends.  Now, before I explain this, I want to say that I gained my best friend in that time, my husband.  However, there have been some that I considered losses, at the time amd some I couldn't get away from soon enough because they were poison.  The loss of the "friends" don't actually bother me now because  I realized they have way more problems than I have and they walked away from me because they are so unhappy or jealous or both and I can't nor do I care to fix that.  Their loss is theirs.  What I do regret is the loss of trust I have toward even my closest friends now.  I am worried that if I talk to them and tell them how I feel, they will use that against me too, just like my fake friends did.  I worry that opening up to them, they will just go behind my back and talk about me like some of my past people have done.   The truth is, the only person I trust completely that isn't my mom, is my husband.   Oddly, he has the capablity of hurting me more than anyone but he won't.  I know he won't because I trust him completely and I guess that is what a real relationship and love are about. Sadly, none of those people who I lost in the past understand real relationships. 

Okay so why I bring this up?  Because a few days ago I went through this depression.   I realized that basically I was the one left out in the cold and that I always chose wrong.  Not in ending the friendships but in picking the friends in the first place.  I got so wrapped up in what I thought I knew about these people that I didn't really learn who they were and there were warning signs that they weren't real friends but I ignored it.    Anyway, water under the bridge except I realized this has happened to me at least 4 times in my life.  I had friends who used me for one reason or another, a place to live (that one has happened in at least 2 fake friend situations),  free tickets to concerts or baseball tickets or whatever, (My husband insists that at least 2 friends still owe me for concert tickets they never paid me back for...), the designated driver because I had the car. (That one goes back to High School).   I realized a few years ago that I made bad relationship choices with men and I went to talk to a therapist.  She helped me get my head screwed on straight and right after that, I met my husband.   So the other day it hit me,  I have the same pattern of befriending people who use me.  I posted on facebook about there being something wrong with me because I keep getting taken in, over and over,  and I got so many messages and texts reminding me that I am an amazing friend with a big heart and that I have been there for them throughout the time they have known me.  Some I have known for like 30 years and others I have known about 2.  Either way, they all said the same thing, there is nothing wrong with you.  You aren't broken, you just trusted the wrong people.  So, I am working on that but I love my friends for being there for me.

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