Thursday, April 30, 2015

It's okay to want to throw things at Facebook, right?


I don't have a Favorite Things blog in me today.  It isn't that I don't have favorite things it is just that life is kind of wearing me down so I decided, It's Okay was the way to go. I am warning you, I am in a special kind of Gingers Only will understand MOOD.   So without further ado!

It's OKAY:

-That I get into gentle discussions on Facebook about how stupid people's comments are.  I am not mean, just trying to get them to THINK.  Listen, if you are going to actually take the time to comment on a news story, how about you actually read the news story and not just the headlines.  That way, You won't be talking out of your A$$.   (Okay, honestly, when someone I don't know called me "Laura Honey" this morning, I may have gotten just a LITTLE smart-arsed back.)
-I am trying to figure out the best way to help a child through the passing of family. Trying to ignore that someone is sick is the way we are addressing it for now but that can't go on forever.   I should be an expert at this, having lost my father at 5, but I swear to you, I don't think there is a way to make it better.  It just freaking hurts....a lot...forever. 

-That I get super frustrated at my daughter's softball.  First, we have had a ton of rain so games have been rained out.  They have actually played only one game so far.  Next comes the beautiful, dry day like last night were I take work off early to get her to the game and as soon as we are loading the truck with all the crap, we get the message that the game has been called.   Now keep in mind, this is the 2nd game that was called and from what I understand, there are 4 ball fields these kids play.  One has lights that were struck by lightening, one has a sinkhole where the drive to the park used to be, and the other two are in unknown order.  It seems pretty clear if you are going to call the game, you should know way before 5:00 when the team is meeting at 5:30.   

-It's okay that I talk to the TV.  It's true.  I know it isn't going to talk back but I tell it off or yell at it just the same. 

-It's okay that my boss and my husband take turns making fun of my 'passion'.   Yes, I am passionate about things and yes I do defend my beliefs.   Someone has to, right?

-It's okay that I got really excited when I saw my Texas Rangers Table which you can see HERE last night reposted on Facebook in a painting group with a message that someone was inspired to try and do their own spool table.   Yay! I inspired someone. 

-That this quote speaks to me more today than yesterday and I am willing to bet it will speak to me more tomorrow than today. 
Consequences Bad Decison Quotes | The victim mindset dilutes the human potential. By not accepting ...
I am totally over everyone who thinks playing the victim should mean the rest of us should 1. Care, 
2. Treat you different, 3. Absolve you of personal responsibility for your actions.  Nobody gets a free ride.  Nobody is more important than the next person.  

-It's okay that my husband really is my best friend.  I lean on him and cry on his shoulder.  I yell at  him and throw laundry at him sometimes.   He gets my grumpy side at 5:30 am and my happy side at 5:30 pm.  He deals with my temper tantrums and my insecurities.   He tells me stupid jokes and sometimes he makes me laugh.  (Most times).  If I didn't have any friends left but him, I would have the only friend I need and it's okay because I do have other friends, some really good ones, and when he isn't around, we can laugh and joke and sometimes we laugh at him.  Because, you know, he is a man and they are....MALE. 

Finally, and remember I warned you I was in a mood.  It is OKAY that  I am so sick of people pretending to be all sweet, innocent. sympathetic and great, God fearing, Christians in public  but behind closed doors they are fake, liars, cheats and hypocrites.  Remember, I told you I was in a mood. (Also Okay considering my week)  Someday I am going to just air it all and tell you a little story that will turn your stomach but for right now, know there are a couple people that are responsible for this mood and they deserve whatever they get in life and none of it will likely be good...and that is Okay by me as long as they don't hurt anyone I love in the process.  Which, they will.  See, why I am in a mood?   

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