Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Have a Pinteresting Wednesday #2

Alright I forgot about this last week because I have been going crazy busy at work and we have been going through some major changes which have stressed me OUT!!  Also my hubs has been just a little worried himself which causes me to worry so basically you have two worried, grumpy, tired people living in my house.   Which explains what I have pinned this week!


27 Hilariously Underwhelming Guilty Secrets

"Love is...letting her have 5 more minutes" comic strip by Kim Grove Casali

Isaiah 43:2 a promise I always have to remember when the going gets tough he is faithful before I ever was

i need this as my screen saver!!! Stop focusing on how stressed you are and remember how blessed you are


How to add color to a boring brown kitchen farm table and bench! Anyone can do this! #DIY
We have a table similar to this with different seating but I am doing something very much like this with the table.  I already have the stain Java Gel and the Old Fashioned Milk Paint.  This will be my first Milk Paint project and the only thing I am debating right now is to use a binder of go totatally chippy greatness.

Buffet by Ferpie and Fray in Tavern Green by Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. (and Maison Blanche Dark Wax)
This is one of the colors I have in OFMP and this is the chippy look.


Grilled Basil Garlic Chicken Breasts - a delicious and simple dish perfect for a weeknight summer dinner, but impressive enough for a summer dinner party too!
The weather is beautiful in North Texas so it is time to start grilling.   We had grilled pork chops last night for my hubby's birthday with asparagus on the grill and we both spent the whole night saying "this is so good!"   We are making an effort to eat more healthy foods so this time of year grilling makes it easy. 

Venison Backstrap... The essential and best cut of venison and a variety of ways to prep
Thanks to hunter hubby we happen to have a freezer full of this!

Spicy Grilled Catfish recipe
And we are currently stocking up on this!

Okay, that's what I have been pinning this week.   What about you?   Did you find anything wonderful?

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