Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Our new little family:We adopted Babies!

We have been talking about getting chickens for a while now.  If you have never had fresh eggs they are so good.  The difference is clear just in color of the yoke. Where the eggs you get from the store have a yellow color to them, 

Fresh eggs are almost orange in the center and the taste is much richer.  Last night we made a drive into Farmersville to the feed store and picked out 8 baby chicks,
I am dying at the cuteness 
We are actually getting 4 more but we have to wait for a new shipment at the end of the week.  Right now we have 4 black speckled and 4 of the fluffiest little yellow chicks you have ever seen.  They will all be laying brown eggs in a few months.  Lovely, wonderful, brown eggs. The chicks we are picking up at the end of the week lay green eggs.  I had never seen a green egg until I started eating fresh eggs, another thing I can thank my husband for. :) 

So right now in my living room, in front of my fire place we have a chick incubator.   They have to be kept warm.  The dogs are confused.   Both are bird chasers so this has been my biggest worry while discussing chickens.   They watch the chickens but mostly they stay away.  When I was holding them last night they would come over and smell and both dogs snapped once but after mamma corrected them they seemed to relax.  

This little lady does not like being held

This little guy is named Beltre, after Texas Rangers player Adrian Beltre because whenever you pick him up he throws a fit, especially if you pet his head.  It was a natural fit.   

And this midget is Peep.   Honestly if you say Peep, Peep to it, she repeats but, but we just thought she looked like an Easter Peep. 

We are getting some red chickens so I am saving BEVO for one of those.  That is the Texas Longhorn mascot Longhorn steer.  

As for the rest, I am waiting to figure out who the trouble maker is because that is surely the Elvis Andrus chicken and Olovia is working on names but I did nix calling any chicken Butt.  :) 

I know it is silly but the babies are so sweet.  My husband told me this morning not to get too attached to the little ladies because they only live about 5 years and then we have to start all over and they have a lot of natural enemies.  (Mean old baddies).  I don't care.  How can you not just love them.  Last night one of the little black speckled ones fell asleep on me and I was smitten.  I had to keep reassuring the dogs they were still my babies too. :)

And here is where, if my phone and laptop would ever work together in harmony, I would add a nifty video of my new kids but instead, I am sending you a link to my instagram video.  :) 

Now Olivia, want goats and ducks.  Lord help me but we need a bigger yard.  


Marissa said...

How fun! I had ducks growing up...Loved them. Won't eat duck now;) Enjoy the eggs!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

I never have had duck. I am second guessing eating chicken now. I told my husband not to let the chicks see him eating eggs. I am so not sure about the ducklings but my husband keeps promising her this farm.

Rosevine Cottage Girls said...

Oh, they are so adorable. This is my first spring without chicks. :( I miss them so much!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

These are my first chicks and my husband keeps telling me not to get attached but he is too late! Lol They are adorable!

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