Monday, April 30, 2012

Blog Update: Manic Monday

Oh. My. Gosh! I am so stressed. I have been for about 4-5 days and aside from work I have no idea what is making me crazy. Well, mostly no idea.

So today you get my memories of the weekend that was. Good, bad, and wind blown!

Friday: Rangers Game with about 10 of my Ranger buds.

Here is Rachel, Ashley, & Tonya.

This is most of the group from right to left Ashley, Rachel, Brandon, Julie, me, & Brannon. Not pictured are Lyn, Tonya, Donny, & Katie. Somewhere in the park Trish was rocking a pair of red heels too. ;)-

Friday's game was a wind blown mess of a game which we lost. We had a nice time though and the fire works after rocked. I thought they did anyway!


Game two:

How freaking cute is this shirt? I love it. I ordered it a month and a half ago or so and it was too tight. Fits perfect now. Yay, me!

Met up with my buddy Chance and his girlfriend Emily. Chance is one of the few Aggies I like.....

And David who is Chance's Sooner buddy....and the point? The Rangers can do what nothing else can, bring together Longhorns, Aggies, & Boomers.

Here I am with Julie and my Mom. Gosh it was windy....

As you can tell, I spent hours getting all the tangles out of my hair this weekend. Here with Julie, Monica, & Rachel.

The game Saturday was so much better! It was Beltre bobble head night and we WON!

Sunday was a mess. Mass....followed by housework.

Today I can't wait for gym. I am in desperate need of stress relief.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I am loving?

*I love that my Facebook friends are so good at stroking me ego. I need that sometimes because I am not so good at stoking my own ego.
*I love this guy for totally being a beast last night against The Evil Empire!

*I love that it is Hump day!

Because that means we are almost to Friday and there are so very many reasons why I am ready for Friday!

*I love the truth in this because I had this conversation with someone just yesterday. (No, I am not bashing men, B)

*Here is a good reason never to bash men. Snuggling!

*I actually am thinking of making this! Genius!

*I am not saying why I love this. O:)

*I love this because sometimes we all need to remember God doesn't make junk.

*This is for a friend because sometimes women of character need to remember this.

*This I love because it reminds me of a couple of my friends. Cupcake loving friends are awesome. All you have to do to make them happy is bake.

*I love this because it is so very me, Rachel, Lyn, Trish, Monica, Julie... oh, okay all my friends who I met on Twitter are guilty.

(Yes, Rachel I think I stole this from your Pinterest)

*Mmmmm, Chocolate!

*It is not me, so which one of you is it?

*It is not me so which one of you is it? Kidding!!

*This made me laugh, look at that face!

*I love this and I mean it.

Happy Hump Day! See ya at the Ballpark Friday!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Blog: Motivation Monday plus pictures!

My motivation after slacking all weekend is to remind myself to not give up. Everything comes at a price and focus and determination are mine.

I took the weekend off from the gym although I did lift on Sunday night. I am trying to follow a friends advice and lift heavier. I trust he knows what he is talking about and he did warn me but still....Ouch!!!

Did I mention that the Rangers went 8-1 on the road trip? Oh, not yet? I am such a happy fan! Can't wait for Friday. Meeting a bunch of friends at the Ballpark for what hopes to be the start of a fun series against Tampa Bay, who I really try to hate.

I went a little shopping happy this weekend. In my defense, it has been a long time since I bought anything that wasn't Texas Rangers shirts. (I got a couple of those too, not pictured). It didn't help that almost everything I tried on actually looked cute.

That dress at the front I call my Audrey dress because not only is it amazing (even on me) but it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn who my friend Rachel just loves! You all probably know this since I think most of you read Randomness with Rachel.

I started out with the idea of getting a dress for my nephew and triplet nieces First Communion. (Look how sweet they are!)

I am not only a happy Aunt & God Mother but I am very proud of the kiddos. Laurel was very excited to point out she got to take up the 'presents' to the priest. (She helped carry the gifts up before communion).

See, I was wearing that new dress in the photo. Just so everyone knows I know these kids and didn't just pick random cuties out at church, from left to right at is Lesleigh, Logan, Laurel & Louis. My sweet little Ranger fans. (we don't have Angels in our family!)

Okay, this was a quick one today. Happy Pudge day everyone!

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Blog: Fitness, Pizza & Baseball

It seems completely stupid to blog about fitness while I eat a slice of pizza that is half off thanks to the Texas Rangers win last night but I will say a few things. First I can't remember when I had pizza last but I am guessing it was January so once every 3 months isn't too bad. Second I worked out hard this week. In fact I worked so hard I couldn't move much yesterday. I am so incredibly sore that I have had to take pain meds and muscle relaxers two days this week. I don't mean Advil either. The good stuff. I hate how it makes me feel though so I had to take a day off last night. (If you feel the need to say I told you so, yes you did and I am going to live so? ) Third my diet has been hit or miss all week. Fourth I still lost a pound. Woohoo!

The half price pizza is thanks to e Texas Rangers and

This was a thank you to my team for being awesome!

Speaking of my baseball club oh my goodness. They are amazing! I love watching the Rangers with my friends from Twitter. I have super awesome, amazing, fantastic wait nope....they are simply Outstanding friends who I met thanks to Twitter! Whoop! Low five!
Here are some of them:

I am very glad I get to spend baseball season at the Ballpark and on Twitter with these people and the ones I still need photos of!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday's Blog: Always a Ranger.

It is no secret if you follow me on Twitter or have known me for five minutes that I love the Texas Rangers and my favorite Ranger has been Pudge Rodriguez for about twenty years. That's about half my life for those scoring at home.

Pudge was a phenom from the moment he broke in with the Rangers. He was a baby at the time but so was I so I didn't realize that. His snap throw to second to gun down runners took my breath away. You just simply didn't run on Pudge because he would throw you out by a mile. The Rangers have always been good at getting solid young Latin prospects and during this time in Ranger history we had players like Juan Gonzalez, Sammy Sosa, Ruben Sierra and Pudge. We also had Julio Franco who came to us via Cleveland. (Yes, I remember all of this without looking anything up). Sammy of course was traded to the White Sox in 1989 for Harold Baines. One of the worst trades in Ranger history. Baines never wanted to be in Texas and pouted the entire season. This isn't about Hal Baines though.

Pudge played for some good Ranger teams. Nothing as great as what we have today, mostly because they didn't have pitching depth, but those clubs could hit a ton. The club experienced their first post-season appearances winning the AL West and meeting up with the Evil Empire in the mid and late 1990's. My Yankee hate was born and I maintain to this day you can't be a Ranges fan and a Yankee fan. Not if you lived through that.

I have to admit this now. All you Michael Young fans take note. I left the Rangers for about four years not long after Pudge wasn't re-signed. I was so angry, Tom Hicks was the owner, we were stuck with A-rod and I just couldn't face a Pudge-less Ranger team. This means I don't really remember Michael Young when he broke in and by the time I started watching again Mark Texieria was nothing but a whiney brat. (Assuming he was ever anything else.) I had to relearn players by the time I got over my mad. (I can be just a tiny bit stubborn when I get upset). My Michael Young love is never going to be a tenth of my Pudge love. Sorry MY groupies.

To me, Pudge was and always will be a Texas Ranger. He may have been on loan for a decade but in my heart he was always ours. I have to feel with the announcement that he is retiring next Monday in Arlington at Rangers Ballpark in front of the fans that love him best and most, as a Ranger, that Pudge feels that way too. I don't know how he will go into Cooperstown but I know this, no matter what team is on his hat, Pudge Rodriguez was the face of this franchise for an entire generation of fans and is one of the most beloved Rangers in history. If you don't believe me, go search Twitter.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blog Update: What I'm Loving Wednesday: Men-this is for YOU!

So, maybe a few of my blogs lately have been a little hard on the male population. I don't hate men. Actually, I am pretty fond of men. You make me crazy sometimes (I think you may do it on purpose and I am pretty sure you like it) but you all have some redeeming qualities that most women, when honest, will admit. Here are some of my favorites.

Like it or not, men are physically stronger. Women need your strength to balance out our softness. They work well together.

Men can be incredibly brave as long as love or commitment are not involved. Why that scares you all when holding the front line doesn't may boggle most women's minds but we accept it.

Hugs! I am going to be honest here, there is nothing better than a strong pair of arms surrounding you and holding you, in my opinion anyway.

Well, almost nothing better. If we didn't have men, who would we kiss?

Okay, there is a fine line on this one between great arms and meat head but a good pair of strong arms is so amazing. Yes, it is shallow and superficial and it isn't a deal breaker but do a couple dozen bicep curls for the ladies.

The way you play with your friends all rough and tumbling. Women shop, have lunch, get our nails done. You all get dirty and stinky and that's okay. I kind of like it.

There is a sensitive side to you too. Oh, I know you all don't want to admit it but we know. We like that side. Nice legs are also good.

(This Gentry Photos brought to you for Rachel). Cute behinds. What can I say, girls like back too!

Some of you know just how to make some of us smile.

And guys you are really good at keeping us focused and positive. I realize this can be a lot of work because we can be a little emotional and/illogical sometimes. (I said sometimes).

The way you all work as a team to achieve goals is inspiring, even when you are not close.

So is the fact you are never afraid to tell each other when one of you is a total CJ Wilson. (Tell him Mike!)

Finally, baseball specifically and all team sports in general are just much better with men. I support women but watching them play sports just isn't nearly as entertaining.
Long and short guys

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