Monday, April 30, 2012

Blog Update: Manic Monday

Oh. My. Gosh! I am so stressed. I have been for about 4-5 days and aside from work I have no idea what is making me crazy. Well, mostly no idea.

So today you get my memories of the weekend that was. Good, bad, and wind blown!

Friday: Rangers Game with about 10 of my Ranger buds.

Here is Rachel, Ashley, & Tonya.

This is most of the group from right to left Ashley, Rachel, Brandon, Julie, me, & Brannon. Not pictured are Lyn, Tonya, Donny, & Katie. Somewhere in the park Trish was rocking a pair of red heels too. ;)-

Friday's game was a wind blown mess of a game which we lost. We had a nice time though and the fire works after rocked. I thought they did anyway!


Game two:

How freaking cute is this shirt? I love it. I ordered it a month and a half ago or so and it was too tight. Fits perfect now. Yay, me!

Met up with my buddy Chance and his girlfriend Emily. Chance is one of the few Aggies I like.....

And David who is Chance's Sooner buddy....and the point? The Rangers can do what nothing else can, bring together Longhorns, Aggies, & Boomers.

Here I am with Julie and my Mom. Gosh it was windy....

As you can tell, I spent hours getting all the tangles out of my hair this weekend. Here with Julie, Monica, & Rachel.

The game Saturday was so much better! It was Beltre bobble head night and we WON!

Sunday was a mess. Mass....followed by housework.

Today I can't wait for gym. I am in desperate need of stress relief.

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