Friday, April 13, 2012

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I have had a hard week choosing between Rangers baseball and the gym. I have missed a lot of baseball and that is hard for me. I have also missed some gym because I was at baseball. The good news is the Rangers started a road trip today and they will be out of town for a couple weeks so I will be back to a normal gym schedule. The bad news is I don't get to see them play again in person until April 28.

That all being said, I have managed to get a lot of good workouts in this week. I looked disgusting after them so they had to be good. I may have squeezed them in to a few days but I did get in 5 hours of workouts this week. I am a very tired girl so after spending 10 minutes fighting the dogs trying to do yoga (something I hate) Thursday I just called it. Sleep is important too, so I hear.

Fake it til you make it. A friend told me the other day that I am a smart & beautiful woman and it is easier to tell someone else that than believe it yourself. This is true. It isn't that I don't see what I look like. I know I am cute. I know if you don't see it then you must be kind of dumb. Loving your faults however is so hard. So I just make myself forget my insecurities which mostly come out when I am at the gym. I let myself look stupid because I can laugh at myself. I also try not to look at myself too much in the mirror at the gym.

My body is changing on a weekly basis now. I fit into my capris and jeans that I haven't worn in close to a year and a half. I can really feel my abdominal, chest and leg muscles. Fair warning, in a few months I am going to be smokin' hot again. By the time the Rangers win the 2012 World Series I will be too cute for words. Maybe I will run back into that pretty young thing that flirted with me during the World Series in 2010. Gosh he was young. I mean adorable. I mean hot.

Total weight lost: 66 pounds.
Weight lost this week: 2 pounds.
I went to the doctor on Thursday and it turns out I have lost 26 pounds since I had my surgery on 1/26/12. I feel really proud of that because I had to step back from my workouts so much.

What are you proud of this week? How have you done?

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Micah said...

Ha ha ha. I love that one about looking cute at the end of the workout. So true. If my face isn't red and my hair isn't soaked with sweat, I probably need to workout longer. :)

I'm having a hard time squeezing in workouts around baseball too. East coast games will make it even tougher. But I'm determined not to sacrifice any workouts, which means I might miss the first few innings of a few games. No biggie. That's what DVR is for, right?

Good work this week!! And you are a smart and beautiful woman. :)

DoxieDoodle said...

Thanks, you are too! Truthfully, I am feeling pretty dumb right now. Well, that is the way life go, I guess.
Yes, the east coast games are going to make it hard but I am just going to have to hit all the 5:15 classes at the gym and be happy with that. Sigh.

Monica said...

Congrats! big or small its always great to see a smaller number :)

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