Friday, April 6, 2012

Fitness Friday Blog Update

I want to thank everyone who sent me all the positive responses last week to the picture of me at my heaviest. You all are awesome. Thank you for all the kind words & support.

I had a great week at the gym. I have found the Athletic Training class I take on Monday makes a huge difference in my body. It is an interval class with weights taught by my dance instructor and I leave that class looking like I showered in my cloths. I decided to try another combo cardio and strength class on Wednesday called Boxing Boot Camp. First of all you have to love it when your instructor comes in sun burned from being in Frisco at the Rangers-Rough Riders game all day. That is my kind of girl! Second, I love kick boxing so I figured this would be some form of weights and kick boxing class. It was but with so many squats and so much arm work I was sure my legs, arms, and butt would have fallen off. (I would love for my butt to fall of, just FYI) I walked out of that class looking a lot like I had showered, in my cloths.

Now the bad news. I am probably not getting much of a workout in Friday or Saturday. I am going to be at the Ballpark all weekend.⚾ Okay, honestly my body would probably like the rest but my mind is in a panic. I said last week that my road ahead includes a battle that is at least 50% mental. Not being able to let myself take a day off is such a huge part of that battle. The other half of that battle is knowing that things change when I am consistent with my diet and work outs. My diet has been really good this week. Still, I am so unhappy with the scale. I see and feel changes. I can feel my ab muscles. Yes, I have them. Who knew? I can see the changes in my face. I can see that my tight pants are starting to get loose. I wore the wrong workout pants to class wednesday and they almost ended up falling off. (I caught them). But that damn scale isn't moving fast enough. I know all the crap about muscle weighing more than fat and blah blah but I want to see that scale go down faster! Okay, now you all have met my inner 3 year old. πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘§πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘§πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘§

My diet changed this week. I drastically reduced the amount of Diet Cherry Coke I drink (a huge crutch for me) and replaced it with water. I also went back to a low carb diet mostly consisting of chicken, eggs and veggies.

Weight lost this week: 1.5 pounds.
Total lost: 64.5 pounds (That is kinda amazing!)
Goal: endless pounds to go!
Me this morning:

Okay, off to the Ballpark! Go Rangers!

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