Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Blog: Fitness, Pizza & Baseball

It seems completely stupid to blog about fitness while I eat a slice of pizza that is half off thanks to the Texas Rangers win last night but I will say a few things. First I can't remember when I had pizza last but I am guessing it was January so once every 3 months isn't too bad. Second I worked out hard this week. In fact I worked so hard I couldn't move much yesterday. I am so incredibly sore that I have had to take pain meds and muscle relaxers two days this week. I don't mean Advil either. The good stuff. I hate how it makes me feel though so I had to take a day off last night. (If you feel the need to say I told you so, yes you did and I am going to live so? ) Third my diet has been hit or miss all week. Fourth I still lost a pound. Woohoo!

The half price pizza is thanks to e Texas Rangers and

This was a thank you to my team for being awesome!

Speaking of my baseball club oh my goodness. They are amazing! I love watching the Rangers with my friends from Twitter. I have super awesome, amazing, fantastic wait nope....they are simply Outstanding friends who I met thanks to Twitter! Whoop! Low five!
Here are some of them:

I am very glad I get to spend baseball season at the Ballpark and on Twitter with these people and the ones I still need photos of!

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