Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blog Update: What I'm Loving Wednesday: Men-this is for YOU!

So, maybe a few of my blogs lately have been a little hard on the male population. I don't hate men. Actually, I am pretty fond of men. You make me crazy sometimes (I think you may do it on purpose and I am pretty sure you like it) but you all have some redeeming qualities that most women, when honest, will admit. Here are some of my favorites.

Like it or not, men are physically stronger. Women need your strength to balance out our softness. They work well together.

Men can be incredibly brave as long as love or commitment are not involved. Why that scares you all when holding the front line doesn't may boggle most women's minds but we accept it.

Hugs! I am going to be honest here, there is nothing better than a strong pair of arms surrounding you and holding you, in my opinion anyway.

Well, almost nothing better. If we didn't have men, who would we kiss?

Okay, there is a fine line on this one between great arms and meat head but a good pair of strong arms is so amazing. Yes, it is shallow and superficial and it isn't a deal breaker but do a couple dozen bicep curls for the ladies.

The way you play with your friends all rough and tumbling. Women shop, have lunch, get our nails done. You all get dirty and stinky and that's okay. I kind of like it.

There is a sensitive side to you too. Oh, I know you all don't want to admit it but we know. We like that side. Nice legs are also good.

(This Gentry Photos brought to you for Rachel). Cute behinds. What can I say, girls like back too!

Some of you know just how to make some of us smile.

And guys you are really good at keeping us focused and positive. I realize this can be a lot of work because we can be a little emotional and/illogical sometimes. (I said sometimes).

The way you all work as a team to achieve goals is inspiring, even when you are not close.

So is the fact you are never afraid to tell each other when one of you is a total CJ Wilson. (Tell him Mike!)

Finally, baseball specifically and all team sports in general are just much better with men. I support women but watching them play sports just isn't nearly as entertaining.
Long and short guys

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DoxieDoodle said...
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Katie said...

Yes, yes, yes, and YES!! Hahaha-- I love this. :)

Micah said...

I don't agree with all of these. But I'm not a normal girl, as I'm sure you know by now. Regardless, I think your point has been made. :)

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