Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I am loving?

*I love that my Facebook friends are so good at stroking me ego. I need that sometimes because I am not so good at stoking my own ego.
*I love this guy for totally being a beast last night against The Evil Empire!

*I love that it is Hump day!

Because that means we are almost to Friday and there are so very many reasons why I am ready for Friday!

*I love the truth in this because I had this conversation with someone just yesterday. (No, I am not bashing men, B)

*Here is a good reason never to bash men. Snuggling!

*I actually am thinking of making this! Genius!

*I am not saying why I love this. O:)

*I love this because sometimes we all need to remember God doesn't make junk.

*This is for a friend because sometimes women of character need to remember this.

*This I love because it reminds me of a couple of my friends. Cupcake loving friends are awesome. All you have to do to make them happy is bake.

*I love this because it is so very me, Rachel, Lyn, Trish, Monica, Julie... oh, okay all my friends who I met on Twitter are guilty.

(Yes, Rachel I think I stole this from your Pinterest)

*Mmmmm, Chocolate!

*It is not me, so which one of you is it?

*It is not me so which one of you is it? Kidding!!

*This made me laugh, look at that face!

*I love this and I mean it.

Happy Hump Day! See ya at the Ballpark Friday!

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