Sunday, March 1, 2015

DIY makeover: Coffee Table

I can't tell you how excited I am to announce that this week I will be kicking off my first venture into my new love/business.   

I have fallen completely in love with redoing furniture.  It started slowly.  A few years ago my then neighbor and good friend Sharon introduced me to thrift shops as a way to occupy me and watch over me while I was rehabbing from surgery.  During that time I purchase my very first DIY furniture project a piece I still have in my home today.   

My current project is an old coffee table that had seen better days.  When I first got it, from a friend of mine who found it at a thrift store, I thought it looked like it was in ok shape but when I started sanding it, I could see there were a few areas that I hadn't noticed on initial inspection.  The table needed new life and a new finish on top.  That's ok, it is the kind of CPR I am becoming really good at and love doing. 
Beat Up Before 

I have always been crafty but I have begun taking classes on different mediums of paint and I have learned what works for me.  I love using chalk paint,(I am thinking of venturing into the milk paint arena on my next piece) but I do not love antiquing it with wax.  I therefore make a paint glaze.  Actually, I have brown and black paint glazes that I have already made so I am using those.   They are a little more tricky to get subtle but I work at it.  
Top sanded to reveal the beautiful wood!
It sanded down beautifully and I could instantly see how to make this table shine and I have to tell you, I absolutely love it.  I am actually sad that I don't get to keep it but it will find a good home.  So after many hours of careful staining the top, painting the legs with chalk paint, glaze and and lots of careful distressing (AKA Sanding),  the piece is drying with a satin poly protective coat the only thing keeping this from resale. 
Finished distressed detail
I adore this piece so much!  Can you believe it is the same table? I want to use it in my house but that original piece of furniture that started it all is, ironically, a coffee table and if you read my DIY blogs, you already know about my other coffee table.   No, I am not specializing in coffee tables.  I just so happened to have found this one after redoing two of my own.   
Finished except for two more coats of poly
Forgive me if I occasionally plug my furniture Facebook page and latest projects on the blog.  I just love working on this stuff so much. 

Link to my Home Decor Facebook page. I just started this Sunday so it is a work in progress and there will be updates of finished pieces as they become availalble with pricing and photos.  You don't have to buy from me to like it.  Just go in there and get some ideas and inspiration.   I can't possibly do blog posts on each and every piece of furniture I re-love.  Can I?

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