Tuesday, July 30, 2013

When Words Hurt: Dear Bully

When I wrote my blog last week "When Words Hurt" I intended for that to be a one shot blog but then something happened...again.

Words are thrown around so carelessly on the Internet and people use them without thought about repercussions. Explaining away with excuses "that's my bit". Well, guess what David Letterman, you are only half as funny as you and your little entourage of Internet bullies think you are. It isn't about your bit. It's about stopping the spread of hate on-line, in schools, and on the streets. Hate that leads to anger and anger that leads to the senseless violence against innocent people. Don't believe me? Let's think about it shall we? Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston just to name three but this list could go on for years. Literally. What do they have in common? Angry, awkward people who lash out at a society that somehow, in their eyes anyway, failed them or terrorized them.

I bet you are thinking to yourself, what is she talking about? What kind of words? You know the kind of words that are based on a persons gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or physical or mental handicap for example. Things that your mother would have slapped you silly for saying unless of course, your mother wore a white hood and burned crosses...but I digress.

You may detect a tiny bit of anger mixed in with a little bit of annoyance when it comes to this subject. Probably because somehow the Internet seems to turn otherwise rational, level headed people into bullies. Oh, I will be the first to admit that I will call a person out when they are wrong but I draw the line at personal attacks and that is simply the moment when things become a matter of "unfollow and block" for me. That moment where people start targeting me. They start mass retweeting me, calling me names or setting their little gang of bullies on me. I am a grown up and I don't play child's games with children. Unfortunately the Internet is full of little kids hiding behind their avatars and playing grown up. The worst part of this is that a lot of the people hiding are the same socially awkward people that get attacked in real life and that is why they lash out on-line. Because they can. Nobody knows who they really are.

I have taken a stand against this on both of my Twitter accounts. It is now zero tolerance for me. I am unfollowing everyone who I see spreading or promoting the kinds of hate I mentioned above. Personally, I can't look the other way anymore. I am just tired and I have fought myself too long on this issue.

So, please share your thoughts on this. You may notice this is a subject overall that I am rather passionate about!

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Monday Mobile, Brad Paisley Photos and Remembering Kidd Kraddick Updated


My weekend started out with shopping. I am that woman with 100 pair of shoes who normally wears 5 favorites but must have 100 pair. (I may or may not also have a handbag issue.) I found three new pair I had to have and I am proud to say only one pair are heels. Proud because I can never find the perfect flats. I have never found a pair that I just had to have. Until Friday. These flats stole my heart and I couldn't walk away no matter how much I tried to convince myself they were not worth the almost $60 price tag. I have a serious issue spending that much money on flats and I don't care who makes them. In my opinion there is simply nothing special or extraordinary about Tory's flats that makes me want to pay the stupid money Tory charges.
Anyway, I felt successful at the DSW when I left and that was actually my cheapest stop of the night. I also purchased cloths and accessories for Saturday.


Remember the Cowboy hat? Well the chocolate brown won and when I got dressed I felt kind of silly. I mean, I am a farm girl from Indiana not a ranch girl from Texas so even though I have lived here most of my life, the only earth I have tilled here is my flower beds. Being the reasonable and totally crazy female I did what we all do. I left it up to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook who all said:

Well....ok! Truthfully I kinda felt cute either way in my new outfit with my new accessories and I didn't care...much.

Rachel and I stopped for dinner salads and then headed out where we took the appropriate number of selfies, desperately tried to ignore my sports center Rangers score (or lack there of) updates, and had a blast. The concert was amazing.

Lee Brice and Chris Young were awesome and they just did a great job of keeping everyone excited. Now if you have never been to Gexa this is an outdoor concert hall under the stars which is amazing and also...can be very hot. Saturday it was 88 degrees at 7pm and by the end it was 84!

I can't begin to say how awesome Brad Paisley is in concert. This was my first time seeing him (thanks rain last year) but he simply is totally wonderful. Nobody sat down all night (although the 15 drunk 20-something's next to us did their best to fall all over each other and everyone else).

At one point in the night, between sets, I realized how incredibly much had changed in the year since I sat in the rain with Rachel and Khrystal last year. All of it for the best and all of it has made me stronger and taught me so much. I looked at the 20-something kids and realized not for anything would I trade places with them. Not for their perfect little bodies and their next 20 years of heartache and experience still in front of them because I was already there and had the T-shirts not all the drunk kissing 3 different guys in one concert and waking up with the worst hangover (and possibly the "OMG what did I do?) in the world could you get me to live that mess over again!

I think it is important to note that neither Rachel nor myself were letting them drive. I see this too often in my life so I simply went up to them and asked who was driving because it was clear they could not. A lady behind me also came up at that point and before it was all over the sober ones had been located and we were satisfied they would make it home safe.

I have to say however that not withstanding this was probably my favorite concert I have been to with Rachel and I didn't cry...not once! I am making so much progress! I have made it through Pudge's retirement ceremony (and every other baseball game this year) without crying and I made it through a country concert without tears!

I'm going to skip Sunday because I want to add one thing.

As we were driving out of the concert Saturday and just as I was trying to make a change from I30 to I35 Rachel was going through Facebook and read the news that Kidd Kraddick had died. I can't remember a time that Kidd wasn't on the radio in Dallas. I had to check because I remember him all the way back to the Eagle from the early 80's and I was probably in Junior High when he started. I am saddened by this news. I listened to Kidd on and off for years and he may have driven me crazy when he tried to explain sports (because he only got it half right) but he seemed to be a charming, entertaining, good hearted guy and I am sad that I can't wake up with Kidd Kraddick anymore. I will always "keep looking up cause that's where it all is"....just like Kidd told us over and over all those years. RIP.

Updated: I may have had tears in my eyes all the way to work this morning.  The morning crew did an amazing tribute to Kidd and it brought back so many memories of almost 30 years of this man being a part of my life.  If you don't have the ability to hear Kidd on the radio and don't know what he meant to DFW and the surrounding a lot of other areas since syndication you are probably a bit confused seeing all the tribute blogs today.  He was more than a DJ and his heart and good works with Kidd's Kids will forever speak to who he was on and off the air.  My heart aches in a way I didn't think possible and my sincere prayers go out to his daughter, fiance, and the rest of his family, friends, and the co-workers who loved him so much that they couldn't get through an hour show without making us all cry. 

I have been sad since finding this out and it has taken me so long to figure out that it is simpl a case of realizing that nothing is guaranteed.  I just want everyone I love to know that I love them and I hope that should anything unexpected happen, they do know how much they mean to me.  XOXO

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Hour Free For All Friday: Perspective


The last couple of weeks I have put in a lot of extra time at work and this is making me: loopy, forgetful, crazy, tired, forgetful, lazy, grumpy, forgetful, and I have also sucked at parking. Not only that but I can't remember anything!

So today at lunch I went shopping because I have to find something cute to go with my cowgirl hat I bought for the Brad Paisley concert tomorrow and because frankly I haven't left my office on non-work related business at lunch in 2 weeks and I am grumpy and forgetful. Plus, I needed a cute outfit for the concert! Lol


Ok, so I think you get my point!?!? I'm a tiny bit stressed but I realized this morning I was also losing my mind when I went in to complain to my boss that while I have been on the 1st part of this metabolism restart diet for an entire 4 days I have only lost 3 pounds. It took me 4 hours to realize how insane that is. Who would complain about losing 23 pounds a month? Who?!? Yet I am complaining about what amounts to the same pace as 23 pounds a month. Now, I don't expect to lose that much a month nor am I going to spend a month drinking smoothies and not eating any food. I want a darn salad but the point is....I really need to take a chill pill!


Everything in my life is surprisingly good for a woman who has absolutely nothing really change in her life but who is so amazingly happy. There is one huge thing I did change. The way I see things. Now I see my blessings not my pain. It is really hard to have faith and believe that I deserve to be happy but once I realized that everyone in my life including the person who hurt me had told me that I should be happy, I knew it had to be true. Not only that but I started to look around and notice the number of people in my life, co-workers and friends who really love me. I mean they really love me. That must say something about me. All of these people make a point to want me in their life so maybe, just maybe it was time that I made a point to want me too. When that happened and when I got right with God, it all changed.

Well, that's it....did I forget anything? Like I would remember!

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Finding God

Have you ever had those moments when your human skepticism has to do battle with the spiritual right thing to do and you fail?

I struggle is with the little things. The money struggles. Trusting God with that part and letting go.

Twice in my life I have been approached by young women in parking lots for "gas money". Once by a woman holding an infant. Once by a young woman with an angelic face. Both times I had the rare $5.00 in my purse and didn't surrender it. Both times I have gone into the store, debated with myself that the $5.00 isn't worth the guilt if they really are in need and gone back out to give them the money only to find them gone.

The reason I consider this a failure is that as a Christian I am called to see Jesus in everyone. I would not hesitate to give the $5.00 to Jesus so why do I hesitate to give it to God's children? I had a long talk with myself about this on the way in today and decided that I will just give the $5.00 next time because the guilt is too much and I would rather risk being taken for a little money than live with the thought someone was in need and I didn't help when I could.

Trusting is hard. How do you let go and let God?

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What I am loving: God, Baseball, and the New York Yankees?

Time to Link up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday!!!

It's been a while since I have linked up on Wednesday.  It's been a while since I have blogged on Wednesday!  I am massively busy!!

Being busy is good but I am so busy at work that basically this is what I look like half the time. 

Which leaves me stressed and feeling like everything is out of control a lot of the time so what I am most thankful for right now are a few things that I take for granted in the normal times.

-I love my morning commutes where I have time to pray. 
It is my quiet time with God.  I can play some nice music in the background and just talk and chat and spend the first part of the day with God and that seems so important in starting my day off right.  When I have missed this time for some reason I have noticed my day does not run as smoothly.  When I have this time, my troubles are never as large.  This is part of the reason I stopped listening to Sports chat in mornings.  It was making me crazy.

-I am loving spending time with my friends.  I may not get to spend a lot of time with all of them but the moments I have gotten to spend lately with a few of them have been precious.

-I love that Ranger fans were having none of the 'Texas Yankee' fans trying to out chant them at the Ballpark last night.   We had a particulary interesting 'Texas Yankee' fan infront of us who who is the perfect example of what I mean when I say "Texas Yankee" fans.   They have no ties to New York.  They pull for the Yankees because they are front funners, they like a player or they like the jersey or hat. They tend to also be fans of the Lakers and Cowboys. I am a partial season ticket holder which means the seats I have I sit in most of the time.  A lot of the people around me are the same game after game.  This man, his wife and son are there often.  I specifically recall that one of the games earlier in the season this "Yankee" fan showed up wearing a Boston Red Sox Jersey and cheering the Sox on.  Now I have some real Yankee fan friends and I have some real Red Sox fan friend who I respect and would never begrudge their right to love and cheer for their teams and  while they may love each other they do not love each other's baseball teams or cheer for them. Not the Yankees and Sox fans  That is just not done.  Ever! 

Elias Sports Bureau via ESPN.COM
-I love Joe Nathan and Leyons Martin and the reaction to the terrible home plate umpire calls last night during and after the game.  Bad calls are a part of baseball and sometimes they go your way and sometimes they don't but the fire and passion they showed make me confident that they may have lost he game but this team has fight and fire so I am not so worried about the war.

-I love that I have made it 3 days through of this smoothie metabolism restart diet and only have 2 more days to go before I get to add in a real meal.  I know this sounds crazy but I miss real food.  I have been drinking my meals for 3 days now and I miss chewing.  I want a dry chicken breast and plain broccoli like you would not believe.  :)

Lately I am constantly reminding myself two things.  The first is that God is bigger than my problems.  This brings peace.  Nothing is too big.  There are no limits.  God can make anything happen.

The time is now, the place is here. Stay in the present. You can do nothing to change the past, and the future will never come exactly as you plan or hope for.

 The second is to be here now.  I can't fix the past and I can't control the future I can only live for today because that is all I have.   Since I started to focus on now, I have found that I am happy.  Happy is a good place to be. 

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Never, Ever, Ever: Saddle Up Cowgirl!

It's Never, Ever, Ever link up time with Neely Shelley and Stephanie so let's get started!

First this is a bonus blog today because I wrote a brilliant blog today called When Words Hurt so if you missed it this was a blog it took me 2 weeks to write but in the end I am actually pretty proud of this one.

Okay, without further ado...Never, Ever, Ever:

-Did I think I would try and undertake a smoothie restart diet but I have and I made it almost 3 days. Yay me!?!?

-Will I ever like folding laundry. Don't believe me, come over unannounced and see if you can find my dining table.

-Will I understand how people can call the things you get at grocery stores tomatoes. I eat them because there are few options but I buy the grape tomatoes because they have some flavor.

-Will it not make me sad when a friend tells me they are unhappy in their marriage. I want the whole world to be in love even if I am not.

-Will I ever feel sorry for Ryan Braun. You brought this on yourself buddy. You lied to Major League Baseball. You lied to the fans. You should be glad I am not making the decision because for the way you treated the game, I would have banned you for life.

-Did I think I would own a cowgirl hat but I went ahead and bought one last night. I sent my friend Rachel 3 pictures and let her pick because she has to be seen with me:

                                     The tan hat. The Angel Cowgirl. She has her wings.

                              The Chocolate Cowgirl hat...a little feisty...with a bit of nice?

                              These 2 shots are the black one...this is the Bad Cowgirl hat.

I won't tell you which Cowgirl Rachel is going be seen at Brad Paisley with but I will say...I have to go buy an outfit now! What to wear?

-Will you see me wear cowboy boots at Gexa in July. Ever. This is Dallas and it is hot. I am giving you a hat, Texas. After all these years that is all you get.

Okay kids, thanks for playing with me today! Happy Tuesday!

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Monday, July 22, 2013

When Words Hurt

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"Why would anyone cheer an overweight kid for finishing the race last? That's what is wrong with parents today! They are feeding their kids Cheetos and then cheering them for participation in sports." This was said by a grown man who should know better. A father. A coach. It is a paraphrase of something overheard by a friend recently. The overweight offensive kid in question? A twelve year old little girl.

I wish I had been there when these things were said because I would have pulled this grown man aside and explained to him the years of pain these words and others just like them can bring. The damage that the stuff he said, thinking he was so superior and smart, could inflict. The bulimia. The anorexia. The compulsive eating. The cutting. The self abuse. The self hate. The empty relationships. The searching for a love that would never come. I would have explained to him how that 12 year old little girl may turn to drugs to get thin. She may turn to sex to feel beautiful. Neither will work, of course. It won't be his words alone. No, of course not.

His words are only part of it. There are other words. There are the words that the kid in the alley said as he road by on his bike when she was 5. "Look out fatty." There were the words that her mother said in anger once "you're so fat, you disgust me." There were the words her sister wrote in her diary that she shouldn't have read but she did "I am so glad I am not fat like her." There will be other words too. The words of the boys who turn her down for dates. The words of the boys who break her heart and she is sure it is because she isn't pretty enough or thin enough or both. They are the same thing in her mind. All of these things add up. All of these things tell her she isn't enough. She won't ever be enough. Finishing last is all she will ever do. Finishing last isn't good enough, the man was right. She isn't worthy.

Words hurt. Words can destroy. This is what I would have told this man. I would have told him that he should really think carefully about the stupid things he says before he says them. I would have told him that is why we should encourage her to finish because it is positive and perhaps she will find a love for running and in doing so, develop a healthy habit and find her inner strength. I would have told him that nobody is perfect and he should not judge her on the superficial because in God's eyes she is just as important as he is and he is absolutely no better, no matter how superior he thinks he is.

Then I would gave gone over to the little girl and given her a hug. I would have told her that she is beautiful and worthy and finishing is enough and she should be proud because a lot of people don't even try. I would have told her to never give up because someday she will look in the mirror and see the most amazing woman looking back at her. The woman won't be perfect and she will have battle scars but she will be strong and beautiful in her own way and she will be very, very happy.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Big Fat Twitter Weekend!!

Before any of my sensative crazy amazingTwitter friends get upset....I am not calling anyone fat...it was jammed packed with social activities and it is a play on that silly movie and well....Windex or something.  I don't know.


Twitter I love you! I would have no life without you! No friends! No social life! I would be a hermit!

Friday the Fire Department came by because our building was not on fire but it thought it was. This was highly upsetting because the office is in Addison and I happen to know the Addison Fire Department are incredibly skilled  okay they are simply hot. Farmers Branch responded because Addison was busy putting out real fires. How rude!

Later I met up with Sandy and Janetta for Happy Hour at Flips in Grapevine, Rangers Baseball, Beeritas and some good old fashion girl talk which means, a little healthy man bashing and butt ogling and whatever it is that women of a certain age do. That means all females over 10.

I met Sandy and Janetta on Twitter and I must say it was love at first tweet. They are Rangers fans (of course). They are amazing! We had the best time talking and laughing and we may have a little fun poking fun at out favorite Twitter Police Officer=TPO. (You know who you are.) Thanks for keeping us laughing on Twitter by making fun of my typos. You suck rock TPO!


I slept in...all the way until 7:30 am! It was glorious until I woke up with a headache from my 2 drinks. When did 2 drinks give me a hangover? I suck!

Happily later the doorbell rang and the mailman left presents! Ok it is the kind I paid for but look!!! I was so excited because this was a BOGO. I bought the bag and got the shoes for free. Pretty cool how I managed to find a pair that matches. I tried to plan it that way. The wedges are super high which makes me like 6 foot tall but...whatever.

Saturday night I had tickets to the Rangers game. I was super excited because Pudge Rodriguez was being inducted into the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame. He is my Favorite. Ranger. Ever. I love him. Pudge has the best smile. I would kill for a Pudge behind the plate today. He had it all. One of the best there ever was. He could throw anyone out. He had power at the plate. He was a joy to watch. I feel blessed to have seen him play for 13 years as a Rangers fan and for 20 years period. I have never stopped loving him. He never stopped loving me. He told me so, Saturday (kinda) and he also told me I was part of the best fans in baseball. I knew that already and I don't actually care what some spoiled former Ranger player says about Rangers fans. I know the truth. I see the fans that sit out in 110 degree weather. I have been at the Ballpark in the hail storms.  I have waited through the 3 hour rain delays.  I call myself friend of some of the BEST FANS in baseball. Let me introduce you to some of the friends I played with Saturday! (All who I met originally on Twitter).

Eric and I met at Sherlocks Saturday and had drinks and dinner before the game. I didn't manage to get pictures of my Turkey sandwich or my Rita but Eric's burger with egg and bacon (which he said was really good!) was too amazing looking not to get it's own picture. Can I just say this guy is awesome.He is not afraid to order strange food and eat it even if he doesn't like it (even though he did.) He killed a spider protecting the entire female population of the bar (Swoon!) with his bare hand and this thing was a huge beast! Plus he managed to (try) and  battle  wits with me over college football teams (Eric is an Oklahoma Sooner and I am a Texas Longhorn) before I just told him I was ignoring him, at which point he informed me that meant he won, and I laughed, because that won't ever happen but I will let him think that...for now. We had a great time together and I am so happy to call him my friend! He is a lot silly and crazy but super fun.

It was raining at the Ballpark but we got to meet up with my friend Felicia who came in from Oklahoma. (Also a Sooner! I was surrounded but I fought them off! Hook 'em!) Felicia has the worst luck this year with games. She tries to come down and there are tornadoes. Luckily this time it was a pretty quick shower and she and her family got to see Pudge. We had a nice visit and I was lucky enough to meet her cousin and her mom.

I didn't get new pictures of everyone but I also got to see and get extra special hugs from my sweet friends above which starts out with my Aggie buddies (because having Sooner friends isn't painful enough) Erick & Chance.

-Erick who came in from Houston to see me. Ok, he didn't come in to see me but he did come by to say "Hi" so that's close, right? I talk to him even though he plans to work for the dark side someday when he graduates from Law School.  Well, Law School is kind of the dark side in training and the world needs more lawyers, right?  (Where is that sarcasm font?)

-Bestie: Camden and his Dad Chance: Cam is actually really shy and tries to hide from me but one of these days I am going to manage to buy  earn his undying affection through my natural charm (and gifts). In the meantime, Chance hugs will have to do.  Seriously, how cute is this picture of Cam and Chance. I have some of them at the Ballpark but this is my favorite picture of them.  I mean in spite of the fact that Chance has the poor taste to wear a Cowboys cap instead of a Rangers cap, the smile on his son's face is worth a million dollars and the smile on my friend's face isn't too shabby either. 

-My amazing girl Trish who at one point in the game offered to inspire the team by taking her top off causing Eric to nearly pass out and Leonys Martin to immediately drop a ball on the warning track. The Texas Rangers and the fans need you to keep the shirt on for the benefit of public safety Trish! Love this woman! She is cray!

-Nolan Ryan who had no clue I was there and doesn't know we are best friends but we are. We have been real close buds since I was an impressionable 18 year old kid and he saved my baseball team the 1st time. (Nolan has no Twitter or we would be Bestie I am sure!)

I had an amazing time with an amazing group of friends and even though my team didn't win I feel so incredibly happy to have so many special people in my life. I drove home being very thankful that God put all of these amazing people in my life that touched my weekend all because of a little thing called Twitter and a little team called the Texas Rangers. If I sat down and counted the blessings that those two things have brought into my life, it would be countless. There are too many friends to mention. too many special people. So many people in my life that I have come to love because of Twitter and the Rangers and there are honestly no regrets from any of the crazy people I have met! Not even the nut jobs I had to block. :-)


I went in to work. As you can see I was thrilled. After work I made a promise to myself to catch up on my 40 day challenge. I was 2 days behind from all the happy hours. I prayed but I was 2 days behind on the reading. I never don't pray! My days without morning prayer don't work. Then housework. Oh the thrill.

Just a couple of last thoughts......

Shout out to my friend Micah who had a Birthday Saturday!!! I also may have happened to meet her on Twitter and she may also happen to be a Texas Ranger fan....small world, right?  

Finally, If you think that is the end of my shout outs....one more.  You know my girl Rachel and I are going to Brad Paisley next weekend?  We haven't seen each other in almost 2 months.  I really have no clue why.  We live like 20 minutes from each other and work 5 minutes from each other and have the same 20 game plan to the Rangers game and we still haven't seen each other since the beginning of June but that changes next weekend.  Well, I bring this up because Rachel is one of my best friends too and we met....because of Twitter and the Texas Rangers.

So, how was your weekend?   Have you had any amazing relationships that started thanks to social media?

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Where the bleep?

Where the bleep am I and what am I doing?

Do you ever have those moments where you can't figure out what to do next because there is so much going on? That's my life right now.

See I am still alive with bad hair and all. Actually, I joke this is my "Annie" hair. For people who don't follow my alter ego on Twitter that's my private account and this is what "Annie" looks like. Now you know. She is the curly haired, crazy one. Laura has straight hair and is the crazy one. This was how I wore my hair in college. It's naturally curly and it was the late 80's and early 90's and hey...I was 20. Well, this picture is today but you get my point.

Actually, maybe you don't because I don't really have one. I just stopped in to say...hey, my life at work is really crazy and I am well but when I get home I am ├╝ber-tired and concentrating on fitting in a workout and keeping my prayer challenge and when all of that is done my blog may get pushed aside so if I only get one or two in a week, don't panic. I am really happy!

This was from last weekend with Trish and Jan. We look happy, right? We were actually singing and eating ice cream and being silly in front of a water fountain so you know...40 year old girls will be girls.

What I have learned?

To enjoy life you must make the tough decisions and hurt sometimes because the only way to be happy is to be free of the pain, guilt and the baggage that weighs you down.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Never, Ever, Ever: the Truth about S'mores and Riesling

It's time to link up with Neely, Stephanie, and Shelley for Never, Ever, Ever!

Last night when I was scrolling through my Facebook feed I saw someone post a picture of s'mores and I realized I had never, ever, ever had them. Never. I know. When I admitted this to Facebook & to Chance the general agreement was, I am a freak!

Also.....Never, Ever, Ever:

-do I get tired of watching Friends Re-runs. How can you not laugh? It never gets old no matter how many times you see Joey lick breast milk from his arm.

-have I been so excited to find a particular wine in the store until I came across this at Sprouts on Friday:

I had actually given up hope of finding it. I looked on the site a couple months ago and they didn't sell it in Texas so when I saw it I literally had to control myself from jumping. I have 2 Dachshunds and one is named Riesling.

-did I think I would be excited for Percy Jackson, Sea of Monsters but I am.

-have I been as bored by the thought of an All-Star Game as this one. I usually love them but the last couple of years have made me care more about the post season and less about the All-Star Game. Yes, I am officially spoiled.

-have I needed a pedicure so much. A real, actual, honest one. I may treat myself tonight. Why not?

-Have I wanted a month to slow down so much. July can just stop. I am not ready for August. I am never, ever, ever ready for August. I dread it every year.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

It's Happy Hour Time!!! TGIF!

It's TGIF time! We made it!!!

So here are a few of my Happy Fridays!

-I managed to start my day out with oatmeal every day this week! Yes it's 5 days but 5 days is a start.

-I have fit in 4 workouts this week so far. Nothing over the top but anything is good.

-it has been officially over one month (yesterday) since I last purged! I didn't even realize it until this morning because I have been taking it one day at a time and anytime the urge came up praying through it.

-Brad Paisley concert (with Rachel) is 2 weeks from tomorrow! Woohoo!!!

-I have to work tomorrow but on the bright side I get extra money!

-I got the best text message yesterday:

XO Dolls & Dudes!
Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

#TakeTanner Blog Update Plus Thursday Thoughts

-Today is the last day of fan voting for the All-Star game so in honor of that yes I am honoring Tanner with the title of my blog...and a vote. Call me crazy. It won't be the 1st time!

-This is a random thoughts blog because honestly I am in the middle is a lot of different thoughts right now. I have a 'heavy' blog in mind but I just can't write it today. I am happy. It is based on something I heard about happening to someone else but seriously I am in a good place for the first time in seven months and I just want to ride with that a little longer before I explore the sadness.

-Last night I went to visit my neighbors and my neighbor, Ben who was on Master Chef...yes he is awesome thank you, offered to install a dog door for me when I told him I was about to give away my "kids" for waking me up all night long to go out. Bless him! I am going to go look for one this weekend!

-It drives me nuts when I see women driving and applying make-up! There is a time to put mascara on and a vehicle driving down a 6 lane road at 40 MPH is not it!

-Speaking of which your feet do not belong on the dashboard either. Do you know what happens to your legs if you are rear-ended and your feet are on the dashboard? Think about it! Glass and legs do not mix. This is my job...I don't want to see the pictures of what is left of your once lovely legs.

-I need a booth at Canton for First Monday where I can repurpose all these unused office supplies and make picture frames and things that are actually useful out of all the stuff sitting around my office in plastic bowls because nobody uses them any longer! Where do unloved office supplies go to die?

-I have to admit my life in the last two weeks has been so amazing. Nothing has changed except everything has changed. I let go of everything that I have been worried about and gave up. I can't change the past. I can't control the future. All I can do is live today. Today is all I am promised.

-Then a friend sent me this and it was like everything was clear!

This is what has changed in my life. This is the only thing that has changed.

We almost made it! Let's rock this week! XO!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Never, Ever, Ever: Torture Edition

Time to Link-Up with Neely, Steph, and Shelly for Never, Ever, Ever. I am having some huge issues with Blogger this morning so if the actual links aren't working this morning...my apologies. I have tried to post this 4 times! (I am resorting to my phone which I hate doing link-ups with)

Check out their blogs which are listed in the button & on last weeks Blog (to the right)

This is my Never, Ever, Ever torture edition. It's a list of things I find either torture or I actually like that you probably hate. :)

*Never, Ever, Ever:

-will I understand the Spork.

Yes, they gave me this little lovely with green beans yesterday. Seriously, what the what was I supposed to do with this? I have a incredible dislike for whomever created this thing. I am sure he worshiped satan.

-will I complain about the smell of Bengay. It's true. I know everyone on earth hates the smell but I love it. I'm odd.

-will you believe this but I like Pepto's taste. See! Told ya I was odd!

-will I ever like my morning oatmeal. I force myself to eat it because it is good for me but I loath every bite of the sticky mess.

-will you catch me having a smoothie with yogurt. Ok truth time...I can't eat yogurt (migraine trigger for me) but I don't understand why you would put your food in a machine and have it chew it for you. News flash, chewing is motion and motion is something that actually burns calories so why would you have a machine burn the calories you should be burning chewing? Plus, the food is bulkier when it isn't processed by a blender and I just don't get it. No smoothies for me. Torture!

-will I ever say I love spanx. I know, I know. The top thing is kind of awesome but the bottom thing just drives me pretty much crazy so I lost mine and I'm not looking for them.

-will I like Post-It's- I can't live without them but I can't say I love them. They are all over my desk and honestly once they are scribbled there is no guarantee they will ever be seen again. Sort of corporate America torture.

-will I ever actually find a pair of flats that make me happy unless they are sneakers. I wear them because I have to otherwise my back protests too much at times and my knees get mad but I honestly am happier in a kitten heel. Woman have it so tough!

-will I like flip flops. I hate them. It's true. I know everyone else on earth spend all winter waiting to put those little pieces of plastic between their toes but I would rather put on a pair of boots in August in Texas and that's just not happening either.

-will I find legumes torture. I know people who can't stand beans. Lima, kidney, whatever. I pretty much have never met a bean I don't like. I am not even afraid of peas. They aren't my favorite but they don't bother me. I am the one who asks for no rice only beans at the Mexican places. Everyone else...no beans.

Ok that's probably enough for today but there are many other things I find torture...wait until the Holidays! Oh my!!! Pumpkin alone deserves a whole never, ever, ever!

Happy Tuesday!!!

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Mobile Monday: The Independence Holiday Edition


Why is my hair a different color in these?

So long....it started with selfies! Neither of which actually look like me.


We the People...


Monica's bird Kappy and she let me pet her!

Monica and me at the ballpark on the 4th

Monica, me, Jan and Trish

After seeing this picture and cropping it incredibly I decided there won't be any pictures of me until I feel comfortable with myself. It's a self preservation measure. I am not weighing and I am not taking pictures. I am however eating right (Oatmeal for breakfast-yuck) and working out again because I am getting stronger day by day.

Oh no!

Not mine but someone at the Ballpark was liberated of their iPhone. I think they tried to rescue it with TP. It didn't work.

Hello Win Column!

Our view for the win! Love my boys winning for God, Country and Texas! Something like that.


And fireworks!


But wait there was more baseball & fireworks!



And Santa Claus!



Anything you can do I can do better-Nelly

Grand slam

Beltre wants in on this!

Lots of runs!


And a win!


Fireworks Friday


And a lot more fireworks!

I have some reading to do....

Saturday and Sunday I spent time cleaning and reading. I started my 40-day prayer challenge and God sent me a prayer partner out of the blue. A friend called me Sunday and said "hey, I want to do this with you. We can meet and talk about this every week if you are game?" Wow, I am so speechless how God is working in my life right now. I am just going to sit back and let Him do His thing for a change because mine clearly doesn't work.

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