Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Never, Ever, Ever: Torture Edition

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This is my Never, Ever, Ever torture edition. It's a list of things I find either torture or I actually like that you probably hate. :)

*Never, Ever, Ever:

-will I understand the Spork.

Yes, they gave me this little lovely with green beans yesterday. Seriously, what the what was I supposed to do with this? I have a incredible dislike for whomever created this thing. I am sure he worshiped satan.

-will I complain about the smell of Bengay. It's true. I know everyone on earth hates the smell but I love it. I'm odd.

-will you believe this but I like Pepto's taste. See! Told ya I was odd!

-will I ever like my morning oatmeal. I force myself to eat it because it is good for me but I loath every bite of the sticky mess.

-will you catch me having a smoothie with yogurt. Ok truth time...I can't eat yogurt (migraine trigger for me) but I don't understand why you would put your food in a machine and have it chew it for you. News flash, chewing is motion and motion is something that actually burns calories so why would you have a machine burn the calories you should be burning chewing? Plus, the food is bulkier when it isn't processed by a blender and I just don't get it. No smoothies for me. Torture!

-will I ever say I love spanx. I know, I know. The top thing is kind of awesome but the bottom thing just drives me pretty much crazy so I lost mine and I'm not looking for them.

-will I like Post-It's- I can't live without them but I can't say I love them. They are all over my desk and honestly once they are scribbled there is no guarantee they will ever be seen again. Sort of corporate America torture.

-will I ever actually find a pair of flats that make me happy unless they are sneakers. I wear them because I have to otherwise my back protests too much at times and my knees get mad but I honestly am happier in a kitten heel. Woman have it so tough!

-will I like flip flops. I hate them. It's true. I know everyone else on earth spend all winter waiting to put those little pieces of plastic between their toes but I would rather put on a pair of boots in August in Texas and that's just not happening either.

-will I find legumes torture. I know people who can't stand beans. Lima, kidney, whatever. I pretty much have never met a bean I don't like. I am not even afraid of peas. They aren't my favorite but they don't bother me. I am the one who asks for no rice only beans at the Mexican places. Everyone else...no beans.

Ok that's probably enough for today but there are many other things I find torture...wait until the Holidays! Oh my!!! Pumpkin alone deserves a whole never, ever, ever!

Happy Tuesday!!!

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Micah said...

I hate flip flops. They give me no arch support, so my feet really hate them. I do have fit flops that I wear around the house/area in the summer, but that's it.

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

I knew we got along for a reason! Mutual dislike of certain foot products and love of awesome baseball teams!

Katie said...

Omg-- Donny and I constantly have this conversation over the spork. He thinks it's the most perfect utensil ever while I know it's completely useless! Lol

Raewyn Smith said...

I loooove beans!!! Everyone thinks I am weird too!!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Tell Donny I said you are right, naturally. It is stupid unless you are eating mashed potatoes in which case, they could have just given you....a spoon.

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

They just don't appreciate them. We aren't weird. We just higher level smart girls! LOL

Michelle Kaye said...

Same about flip-flops! Especially in the rain!

Michelle @ Mishfish13

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

That's the worst. I just take them off. I had a college roomate that broke her foot wearing them in the rain so I just don't even try it.

StaussHauss said...

I love love love flip flops! I agree about the oatmeal and yogurt thing though! Yogurt feels like someone with a bad cold sneezed in my mouth. Lol. It's a texture thing. I can't stand the way yogurt feels sliding down my throat!

Shelley said...

How do you hate smoothies?! It's good for you and delicious! And I don't mind yogurt or flip flops lol.

Shelley said...

Gross lol

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Oh, oatmeal is something that is an old people food. LOL. Flip Flops make my feet look funny and some feel terrible between my toes and I don't know, I would rather have band sandles that flip flops. I have a few pairs I like but they have a really wide strap and they look like band sandles instead of flip flops. That is the only kind I will wear. Even my Rangers Flip Flops sit in the closet and don't get worn. You know how serious I am with that Julie!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

It is kind of a two fold issue one has to do with being a eating disorder survior I think. Not to get too depressing. The other is because most call for some form of Yogurt and because yogurt gives me terrible, awful, horrible migraines....I prefer to avoid that at all costs. LOL. Anyway, I am forcing myself to eat oatmeal instead. It is torture but it is working. :-)

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Shelley can I just tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you take the time to comment on everyone's post every week. That is really nice of you and above and beyone. It is almost all I can do to get in and read the 3 sponsors blogs every week and maybe leave a comment and you leave comments on mine ever week. That is just so sweet!

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