Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Never, Ever, Ever: Saddle Up Cowgirl!

It's Never, Ever, Ever link up time with Neely Shelley and Stephanie so let's get started!

First this is a bonus blog today because I wrote a brilliant blog today called When Words Hurt so if you missed it this was a blog it took me 2 weeks to write but in the end I am actually pretty proud of this one.

Okay, without further ado...Never, Ever, Ever:

-Did I think I would try and undertake a smoothie restart diet but I have and I made it almost 3 days. Yay me!?!?

-Will I ever like folding laundry. Don't believe me, come over unannounced and see if you can find my dining table.

-Will I understand how people can call the things you get at grocery stores tomatoes. I eat them because there are few options but I buy the grape tomatoes because they have some flavor.

-Will it not make me sad when a friend tells me they are unhappy in their marriage. I want the whole world to be in love even if I am not.

-Will I ever feel sorry for Ryan Braun. You brought this on yourself buddy. You lied to Major League Baseball. You lied to the fans. You should be glad I am not making the decision because for the way you treated the game, I would have banned you for life.

-Did I think I would own a cowgirl hat but I went ahead and bought one last night. I sent my friend Rachel 3 pictures and let her pick because she has to be seen with me:

                                     The tan hat. The Angel Cowgirl. She has her wings.

                              The Chocolate Cowgirl hat...a little feisty...with a bit of nice?

                              These 2 shots are the black one...this is the Bad Cowgirl hat.

I won't tell you which Cowgirl Rachel is going be seen at Brad Paisley with but I will say...I have to go buy an outfit now! What to wear?

-Will you see me wear cowboy boots at Gexa in July. Ever. This is Dallas and it is hot. I am giving you a hat, Texas. After all these years that is all you get.

Okay kids, thanks for playing with me today! Happy Tuesday!

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Raewyn Smith said...

OMG I hate laundry. I did two loads last night (still need to be folded) aaand probably have 4 or so left. I'm avoiding them.

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Such a beating! It needs to fold itself!

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