Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sweet Tea Social: Biking and ER

Sweet Tea Social with Texas Women Bloggers
Sweet Tea Social time with Texas Women Bloggers!!!

Well, there was simply no question which post was going to make my Sweet Tea Social this week.
It was simply too easy and if you somehow missed it please feel free to check out my link below and see how stupid entertaining I can really be for the sake of my blog.

Mountain Biking and Trip to the ER

I have never been to the ER before.  I never want to go again. Honestly, if I have to ever hear myself described by my age and sex over and over and over again by paramedics I will....hope to be unconcious so I don't have to hear it.   I mean, if I was 24 instead of 42 maybe it wouldn't be so bad, but let's face it, that number isn't going to go down from here on out. LOL.

Anyway, I learned a very important lesson, again.  Drink water and lots of it because Texas is hot.

Hope you enjoy.


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