Thursday, July 18, 2013

Where the bleep?

Where the bleep am I and what am I doing?

Do you ever have those moments where you can't figure out what to do next because there is so much going on? That's my life right now.

See I am still alive with bad hair and all. Actually, I joke this is my "Annie" hair. For people who don't follow my alter ego on Twitter that's my private account and this is what "Annie" looks like. Now you know. She is the curly haired, crazy one. Laura has straight hair and is the crazy one. This was how I wore my hair in college. It's naturally curly and it was the late 80's and early 90's and hey...I was 20. Well, this picture is today but you get my point.

Actually, maybe you don't because I don't really have one. I just stopped in to say...hey, my life at work is really crazy and I am well but when I get home I am ├╝ber-tired and concentrating on fitting in a workout and keeping my prayer challenge and when all of that is done my blog may get pushed aside so if I only get one or two in a week, don't panic. I am really happy!

This was from last weekend with Trish and Jan. We look happy, right? We were actually singing and eating ice cream and being silly in front of a water fountain so you know...40 year old girls will be girls.

What I have learned?

To enjoy life you must make the tough decisions and hurt sometimes because the only way to be happy is to be free of the pain, guilt and the baggage that weighs you down.

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Micah said...

I've been learning that lesson too. It's a hard one to really let sink in sometimes.

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

It's a daily struggle. So hard. Every time I think the pain is gone...

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