Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Big Fat Twitter Weekend!!

Before any of my sensative crazy amazingTwitter friends get upset....I am not calling anyone was jammed packed with social activities and it is a play on that silly movie and well....Windex or something.  I don't know.


Twitter I love you! I would have no life without you! No friends! No social life! I would be a hermit!

Friday the Fire Department came by because our building was not on fire but it thought it was. This was highly upsetting because the office is in Addison and I happen to know the Addison Fire Department are incredibly skilled  okay they are simply hot. Farmers Branch responded because Addison was busy putting out real fires. How rude!

Later I met up with Sandy and Janetta for Happy Hour at Flips in Grapevine, Rangers Baseball, Beeritas and some good old fashion girl talk which means, a little healthy man bashing and butt ogling and whatever it is that women of a certain age do. That means all females over 10.

I met Sandy and Janetta on Twitter and I must say it was love at first tweet. They are Rangers fans (of course). They are amazing! We had the best time talking and laughing and we may have a little fun poking fun at out favorite Twitter Police Officer=TPO. (You know who you are.) Thanks for keeping us laughing on Twitter by making fun of my typos. You suck rock TPO!


I slept in...all the way until 7:30 am! It was glorious until I woke up with a headache from my 2 drinks. When did 2 drinks give me a hangover? I suck!

Happily later the doorbell rang and the mailman left presents! Ok it is the kind I paid for but look!!! I was so excited because this was a BOGO. I bought the bag and got the shoes for free. Pretty cool how I managed to find a pair that matches. I tried to plan it that way. The wedges are super high which makes me like 6 foot tall but...whatever.

Saturday night I had tickets to the Rangers game. I was super excited because Pudge Rodriguez was being inducted into the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame. He is my Favorite. Ranger. Ever. I love him. Pudge has the best smile. I would kill for a Pudge behind the plate today. He had it all. One of the best there ever was. He could throw anyone out. He had power at the plate. He was a joy to watch. I feel blessed to have seen him play for 13 years as a Rangers fan and for 20 years period. I have never stopped loving him. He never stopped loving me. He told me so, Saturday (kinda) and he also told me I was part of the best fans in baseball. I knew that already and I don't actually care what some spoiled former Ranger player says about Rangers fans. I know the truth. I see the fans that sit out in 110 degree weather. I have been at the Ballpark in the hail storms.  I have waited through the 3 hour rain delays.  I call myself friend of some of the BEST FANS in baseball. Let me introduce you to some of the friends I played with Saturday! (All who I met originally on Twitter).

Eric and I met at Sherlocks Saturday and had drinks and dinner before the game. I didn't manage to get pictures of my Turkey sandwich or my Rita but Eric's burger with egg and bacon (which he said was really good!) was too amazing looking not to get it's own picture. Can I just say this guy is awesome.He is not afraid to order strange food and eat it even if he doesn't like it (even though he did.) He killed a spider protecting the entire female population of the bar (Swoon!) with his bare hand and this thing was a huge beast! Plus he managed to (try) and  battle  wits with me over college football teams (Eric is an Oklahoma Sooner and I am a Texas Longhorn) before I just told him I was ignoring him, at which point he informed me that meant he won, and I laughed, because that won't ever happen but I will let him think that...for now. We had a great time together and I am so happy to call him my friend! He is a lot silly and crazy but super fun.

It was raining at the Ballpark but we got to meet up with my friend Felicia who came in from Oklahoma. (Also a Sooner! I was surrounded but I fought them off! Hook 'em!) Felicia has the worst luck this year with games. She tries to come down and there are tornadoes. Luckily this time it was a pretty quick shower and she and her family got to see Pudge. We had a nice visit and I was lucky enough to meet her cousin and her mom.

I didn't get new pictures of everyone but I also got to see and get extra special hugs from my sweet friends above which starts out with my Aggie buddies (because having Sooner friends isn't painful enough) Erick & Chance.

-Erick who came in from Houston to see me. Ok, he didn't come in to see me but he did come by to say "Hi" so that's close, right? I talk to him even though he plans to work for the dark side someday when he graduates from Law School.  Well, Law School is kind of the dark side in training and the world needs more lawyers, right?  (Where is that sarcasm font?)

-Bestie: Camden and his Dad Chance: Cam is actually really shy and tries to hide from me but one of these days I am going to manage to buy  earn his undying affection through my natural charm (and gifts). In the meantime, Chance hugs will have to do.  Seriously, how cute is this picture of Cam and Chance. I have some of them at the Ballpark but this is my favorite picture of them.  I mean in spite of the fact that Chance has the poor taste to wear a Cowboys cap instead of a Rangers cap, the smile on his son's face is worth a million dollars and the smile on my friend's face isn't too shabby either. 

-My amazing girl Trish who at one point in the game offered to inspire the team by taking her top off causing Eric to nearly pass out and Leonys Martin to immediately drop a ball on the warning track. The Texas Rangers and the fans need you to keep the shirt on for the benefit of public safety Trish! Love this woman! She is cray!

-Nolan Ryan who had no clue I was there and doesn't know we are best friends but we are. We have been real close buds since I was an impressionable 18 year old kid and he saved my baseball team the 1st time. (Nolan has no Twitter or we would be Bestie I am sure!)

I had an amazing time with an amazing group of friends and even though my team didn't win I feel so incredibly happy to have so many special people in my life. I drove home being very thankful that God put all of these amazing people in my life that touched my weekend all because of a little thing called Twitter and a little team called the Texas Rangers. If I sat down and counted the blessings that those two things have brought into my life, it would be countless. There are too many friends to mention. too many special people. So many people in my life that I have come to love because of Twitter and the Rangers and there are honestly no regrets from any of the crazy people I have met! Not even the nut jobs I had to block. :-)


I went in to work. As you can see I was thrilled. After work I made a promise to myself to catch up on my 40 day challenge. I was 2 days behind from all the happy hours. I prayed but I was 2 days behind on the reading. I never don't pray! My days without morning prayer don't work. Then housework. Oh the thrill.

Just a couple of last thoughts......

Shout out to my friend Micah who had a Birthday Saturday!!! I also may have happened to meet her on Twitter and she may also happen to be a Texas Ranger fan....small world, right?  

Finally, If you think that is the end of my shout more.  You know my girl Rachel and I are going to Brad Paisley next weekend?  We haven't seen each other in almost 2 months.  I really have no clue why.  We live like 20 minutes from each other and work 5 minutes from each other and have the same 20 game plan to the Rangers game and we still haven't seen each other since the beginning of June but that changes next weekend.  Well, I bring this up because Rachel is one of my best friends too and we met....because of Twitter and the Texas Rangers.

So, how was your weekend?   Have you had any amazing relationships that started thanks to social media?

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Micah said...

Twitter and the Rangers bring together good people. I hope I can come down and visit soon!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...
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Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

That would be so amazing!!! I would love that!!!

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