Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Hour Free For All Friday: Perspective


The last couple of weeks I have put in a lot of extra time at work and this is making me: loopy, forgetful, crazy, tired, forgetful, lazy, grumpy, forgetful, and I have also sucked at parking. Not only that but I can't remember anything!

So today at lunch I went shopping because I have to find something cute to go with my cowgirl hat I bought for the Brad Paisley concert tomorrow and because frankly I haven't left my office on non-work related business at lunch in 2 weeks and I am grumpy and forgetful. Plus, I needed a cute outfit for the concert! Lol


Ok, so I think you get my point!?!? I'm a tiny bit stressed but I realized this morning I was also losing my mind when I went in to complain to my boss that while I have been on the 1st part of this metabolism restart diet for an entire 4 days I have only lost 3 pounds. It took me 4 hours to realize how insane that is. Who would complain about losing 23 pounds a month? Who?!? Yet I am complaining about what amounts to the same pace as 23 pounds a month. Now, I don't expect to lose that much a month nor am I going to spend a month drinking smoothies and not eating any food. I want a darn salad but the point is....I really need to take a chill pill!


Everything in my life is surprisingly good for a woman who has absolutely nothing really change in her life but who is so amazingly happy. There is one huge thing I did change. The way I see things. Now I see my blessings not my pain. It is really hard to have faith and believe that I deserve to be happy but once I realized that everyone in my life including the person who hurt me had told me that I should be happy, I knew it had to be true. Not only that but I started to look around and notice the number of people in my life, co-workers and friends who really love me. I mean they really love me. That must say something about me. All of these people make a point to want me in their life so maybe, just maybe it was time that I made a point to want me too. When that happened and when I got right with God, it all changed.

Well, that's it....did I forget anything? Like I would remember!

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