Monday, July 8, 2013

Mobile Monday: The Independence Holiday Edition


Why is my hair a different color in these?

So started with selfies! Neither of which actually look like me.


We the People...


Monica's bird Kappy and she let me pet her!

Monica and me at the ballpark on the 4th

Monica, me, Jan and Trish

After seeing this picture and cropping it incredibly I decided there won't be any pictures of me until I feel comfortable with myself. It's a self preservation measure. I am not weighing and I am not taking pictures. I am however eating right (Oatmeal for breakfast-yuck) and working out again because I am getting stronger day by day.

Oh no!

Not mine but someone at the Ballpark was liberated of their iPhone. I think they tried to rescue it with TP. It didn't work.

Hello Win Column!

Our view for the win! Love my boys winning for God, Country and Texas! Something like that.


And fireworks!


But wait there was more baseball & fireworks!



And Santa Claus!



Anything you can do I can do better-Nelly

Grand slam

Beltre wants in on this!

Lots of runs!


And a win!


Fireworks Friday


And a lot more fireworks!

I have some reading to do....

Saturday and Sunday I spent time cleaning and reading. I started my 40-day prayer challenge and God sent me a prayer partner out of the blue. A friend called me Sunday and said "hey, I want to do this with you. We can meet and talk about this every week if you are game?" Wow, I am so speechless how God is working in my life right now. I am just going to sit back and let Him do His thing for a change because mine clearly doesn't work.

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Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Yes, I know WE the PEOPLE is the Constitution BTW....Did anyone catch me? The Declaration: When in the course of human events....
I have copies of both framed on my bedroom wall.

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