Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Never, Ever, Ever: the Truth about S'mores and Riesling

It's time to link up with Neely, Stephanie, and Shelley for Never, Ever, Ever!

Last night when I was scrolling through my Facebook feed I saw someone post a picture of s'mores and I realized I had never, ever, ever had them. Never. I know. When I admitted this to Facebook & to Chance the general agreement was, I am a freak!

Also.....Never, Ever, Ever:

-do I get tired of watching Friends Re-runs. How can you not laugh? It never gets old no matter how many times you see Joey lick breast milk from his arm.

-have I been so excited to find a particular wine in the store until I came across this at Sprouts on Friday:

I had actually given up hope of finding it. I looked on the site a couple months ago and they didn't sell it in Texas so when I saw it I literally had to control myself from jumping. I have 2 Dachshunds and one is named Riesling.

-did I think I would be excited for Percy Jackson, Sea of Monsters but I am.

-have I been as bored by the thought of an All-Star Game as this one. I usually love them but the last couple of years have made me care more about the post season and less about the All-Star Game. Yes, I am officially spoiled.

-have I needed a pedicure so much. A real, actual, honest one. I may treat myself tonight. Why not?

-Have I wanted a month to slow down so much. July can just stop. I am not ready for August. I am never, ever, ever ready for August. I dread it every year.

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Micah said...

I'm going to watch the ASG, but, like you, I'm not that excited about it. I'm more excited for the second half of the season. Yes, we are spoiled. Darn Rangers.

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Oh I will watch...but there will be a book handy too. It's okay to be a little spoiled. We paid our dues!

Jodi said...

That wine is too cute. I've never heard of it but it is prefect for you. So glad you found it.

Yes you are a freak (who is missing out on one of the best treats in the entire world) so you better go try a s'mores asap!!!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Rachel actually found it. LOL. She is so good at finding stuff!
I know..I will put the S'more on my bucket list. I don't know how it has gone by this long. LOL

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