Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Never, Ever, Ever: Oh, say can you see those bombs bursting in air?

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Never, Ever, Ever:

*Have I never been so glad to see a month gone as I was June!  It was a beast.  I feel like I lived a lifetime in June.  I learned a lot about myself last month.   I am glad it is over.  I grew a lot.  I am glad that is over too but I found out how strong I really am.  I am kind of shocked actually. I thought I was going to crumble. I didn't. I found my fight and God help anyone who gets in my way again.

*Will I never try to work through anything without God again. What WAS I thinking?

*I never will be sad for a 4 day weekend.

*I won't ever apologize for being a history geek.  

*Never will I understand the love for Whataburger Ketchup.  Sorry Texas.

*I will never get tired of spending the 4th of July at the Ballpark.

* I won't ever complain about 90 degree weather in Texas in July.  I feel like we have hit the weather jackpot!

*I won't ever give up on my dreams again.  No matter how unattainable they seem and how impossible the future seems.  I have a new plan of action from now on.  Pop some Matthew West on, grab some water,  take the dogs for a walk, and let God do His thing.  It will all work out without the tears.

*You will never see me walk away from a glass of lemonade.  Since I started back on my migraine medicine I can't drink carbonated drinks and because I am now paranoid about water and I save all my bad drinks for coffee.  (I have only had a half an alcoholic beverage in an entire month.  Who have I become?) Crystal Light Lemonade is my go-to water based drink! 

*I may not always agree with the politics of the right and left. I may not always agree with the way people pick to go about arguing  points again and again especially when the arguements don't make sense.  I may ignore them on Twitter and Facebook most all of the time but I will always believe that even when I think the points are wrong and stupid, they have a right to be wrong and stupid.

*I will always love fireworks, the Star Spangled Banner, my Uncle Sam,  and the United States of America.

If for some reason I get too wrapped up in baseball and biking to write anything until after the 4th everyone have a beautiful and happy holiday and eat lots of yummies and drink lots of yummies and STAY SAFE....and hydrated....you didn't think I was going to leave that out now did you?




Jodi said...

Happy 4th to you too! Sorry June was a bad month. Here's hoping things get much better!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Thanks doll! Stay safe!

Micah said...

I wish I could spend the 4th at the Ballpark.

I'm hoping July is better to both of us.

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