I love crafting and DIY projects!   I better love DIY projects because I have a house that is as old as I am that's ancient it's pretty old!  I have created a list of my craft and DIY project blogs (to date).  

If you love crafting and DIY/Home Improvement, take a look at some of these and feel free to share your blogs so I can enjoy your accomplishments!

Flea Market Finds 

Kitchen Redo on a Budget, Part 1 

Kitchen Redo on a Budget, Part 2 Countertops

My wedding DIY project

The Coffee Table that Almost Killed me 

Amazing "Antique" Coffee Table

Chest of Drawer Wars  

Ugly 70's End Table makeover

My Thursday Favorte Thing: Farmhouse Table Makeover  

Texas Rangers Bar 'Table"  

Fabric Chair makeover with Paint!

Buffett from Fugly to Fab  

Sofa Table from Beat to Neat  

Part 1 Antique Desk Makeover

Part 2 Antique Desk Makeover  

Loving Old Stuff

Unicorn Spit Table for Mom  

Stay tuned as there will be many, many updates soon!  I have set a goal for myself to become a dumpster diver and flea market warrior.  I will be trying to feature at least one project a month and believe me, I have a list of things in my house that I am going to salvage, reclaim or repurpose!

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