Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hey, remember me?

Hi all.  I have a really great idea for a blog post that has been on my mind for a few months but I lacked time.  Recently I have found that I may have a little time to blog so let me catch you up on my roller coaster.   So remember how I changed jobs in March because my employer for 15 years went bankrupt?   Yeah, well I went to work for a nice little start up carrier but about 6 months in I was contacted by a friend who knew of a job opening at a commercial carrier, which was something I always wanted to do and so I made the jump.   I made the switch because this company is stable and not going anywhere.   I knew I had a good chance of ending my carrier here and I was finally having fun.  But as sometimes happens, companies make decisions that are unexpected and mine decided to move the entire office, sans employees, to another state and combine offices.  So that leaves me here, at home, working on a blog for the first time in months. 

Now to be honest, I have been keeping very busy and I want to say to all the stay at home wives out there, you have my utmost respect.  I can honestly say in the last few weeks I have been 'Unemployed' I have worked harder than I ever did working.   I have painted rooms and trim and run to the super center more times than I want to count.  I have cleaned carpets twice and spent a good 3 days decorating not only my inside of my house but my outside.   Yes, it took 3 days.  I climbed more ladders last week than I thought humanly possible.

So here are some of the Christmas décor photos.  Time for me to do some job searches but I will get right on that new blog after. 

New Shelves the Hubs helped me hang.

Christmas time!

Wreath I made last year. PS the door will be getting a better color as soon as it warms up!
My favorite!

Buck and Doe

Some of the Front Yard Décor


I went a little lights crazy in the front

Then did the back for the chickens. Ignore the foot and a half of missing lights please.

I just had to have it.

I also have a thing for Penguins!

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