Sunday, July 28, 2013

Monday Mobile, Brad Paisley Photos and Remembering Kidd Kraddick Updated


My weekend started out with shopping. I am that woman with 100 pair of shoes who normally wears 5 favorites but must have 100 pair. (I may or may not also have a handbag issue.) I found three new pair I had to have and I am proud to say only one pair are heels. Proud because I can never find the perfect flats. I have never found a pair that I just had to have. Until Friday. These flats stole my heart and I couldn't walk away no matter how much I tried to convince myself they were not worth the almost $60 price tag. I have a serious issue spending that much money on flats and I don't care who makes them. In my opinion there is simply nothing special or extraordinary about Tory's flats that makes me want to pay the stupid money Tory charges.
Anyway, I felt successful at the DSW when I left and that was actually my cheapest stop of the night. I also purchased cloths and accessories for Saturday.


Remember the Cowboy hat? Well the chocolate brown won and when I got dressed I felt kind of silly. I mean, I am a farm girl from Indiana not a ranch girl from Texas so even though I have lived here most of my life, the only earth I have tilled here is my flower beds. Being the reasonable and totally crazy female I did what we all do. I left it up to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook who all said:

Well....ok! Truthfully I kinda felt cute either way in my new outfit with my new accessories and I didn't care...much.

Rachel and I stopped for dinner salads and then headed out where we took the appropriate number of selfies, desperately tried to ignore my sports center Rangers score (or lack there of) updates, and had a blast. The concert was amazing.

Lee Brice and Chris Young were awesome and they just did a great job of keeping everyone excited. Now if you have never been to Gexa this is an outdoor concert hall under the stars which is amazing and also...can be very hot. Saturday it was 88 degrees at 7pm and by the end it was 84!

I can't begin to say how awesome Brad Paisley is in concert. This was my first time seeing him (thanks rain last year) but he simply is totally wonderful. Nobody sat down all night (although the 15 drunk 20-something's next to us did their best to fall all over each other and everyone else).

At one point in the night, between sets, I realized how incredibly much had changed in the year since I sat in the rain with Rachel and Khrystal last year. All of it for the best and all of it has made me stronger and taught me so much. I looked at the 20-something kids and realized not for anything would I trade places with them. Not for their perfect little bodies and their next 20 years of heartache and experience still in front of them because I was already there and had the T-shirts not all the drunk kissing 3 different guys in one concert and waking up with the worst hangover (and possibly the "OMG what did I do?) in the world could you get me to live that mess over again!

I think it is important to note that neither Rachel nor myself were letting them drive. I see this too often in my life so I simply went up to them and asked who was driving because it was clear they could not. A lady behind me also came up at that point and before it was all over the sober ones had been located and we were satisfied they would make it home safe.

I have to say however that not withstanding this was probably my favorite concert I have been to with Rachel and I didn't cry...not once! I am making so much progress! I have made it through Pudge's retirement ceremony (and every other baseball game this year) without crying and I made it through a country concert without tears!

I'm going to skip Sunday because I want to add one thing.

As we were driving out of the concert Saturday and just as I was trying to make a change from I30 to I35 Rachel was going through Facebook and read the news that Kidd Kraddick had died. I can't remember a time that Kidd wasn't on the radio in Dallas. I had to check because I remember him all the way back to the Eagle from the early 80's and I was probably in Junior High when he started. I am saddened by this news. I listened to Kidd on and off for years and he may have driven me crazy when he tried to explain sports (because he only got it half right) but he seemed to be a charming, entertaining, good hearted guy and I am sad that I can't wake up with Kidd Kraddick anymore. I will always "keep looking up cause that's where it all is"....just like Kidd told us over and over all those years. RIP.

Updated: I may have had tears in my eyes all the way to work this morning.  The morning crew did an amazing tribute to Kidd and it brought back so many memories of almost 30 years of this man being a part of my life.  If you don't have the ability to hear Kidd on the radio and don't know what he meant to DFW and the surrounding a lot of other areas since syndication you are probably a bit confused seeing all the tribute blogs today.  He was more than a DJ and his heart and good works with Kidd's Kids will forever speak to who he was on and off the air.  My heart aches in a way I didn't think possible and my sincere prayers go out to his daughter, fiance, and the rest of his family, friends, and the co-workers who loved him so much that they couldn't get through an hour show without making us all cry. 

I have been sad since finding this out and it has taken me so long to figure out that it is simpl a case of realizing that nothing is guaranteed.  I just want everyone I love to know that I love them and I hope that should anything unexpected happen, they do know how much they mean to me.  XOXO

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Jodi said...

So glad you had fun at the concert and so glad it didn't rain! I've never seen Brad in concert but sounds like he puts on a great show!

Donny said...

I think I saw on Facebook first that Kidd Kraddick had died. I was immediately saddened because he wasn't a normal morning show jock, or radio guy. He cared. And I picked up on that as a young person in the early nineties and listened to his show almost up until I left Texas (even though I wouldn't listen to the station the rest of the day because I don't do pop music). He truly was a special person and I especially like the words you typed to express that.

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

You should defiantly see him and wear your boots!!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

I never listened much to that station either. Mostly just Kidd. Thanks Donny. I realized that Kidd has a very special purpose here even in his death he is helping people warning about heart disease.

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