Monday, March 16, 2015

Towel and Trade: Craft Corner

This past weekend was 3rd Monday Trade Days in Mckinney, Tx. This was my 1st 3rd Monday but I plan on making it a regular thing. If you have never been to a Trade Day it is like a giant flea market. Tons of venders selling everything from antiques to food.  We even met an author who autographed a book for my daughter that she can't wait to read.  (The child was actually disappointed I didn't buy her more books from him.)

I found this drawer front for $2 and the antique or vintage hardware was $2 each and comes from Amish country in Indiana. I was born there so I was pretty happy to add a little Indiana to my little piece of Texas.

First it got a coat of red chalky paint I made with a Valspar sample and Calcium Carbonate.

For those curious about what chalk is, I googled it for you! :-)

There are amazing boutique brand chalk type paints. Annie Sloan owns the term "chalk paint" so I will refrain from using that term in my blog even though I think it's silly that she has her attorney sending letters to individual people to stop using the term. My homemade paint is paint plus chalk. Just a little aside here, people can get very militant about paint brands.  I have never seen anything like the paint wars I have witnessed on some websites.  Simply put, use what you like.  If it works for you, it's a good paint.   Also, in talking with one of my friends this weekend we talked about how when you take painting classes you hear over and over "What if I mess it up?"  It's just paint gang.  Paint over it.  Do not be afraid of paint.   Paint is your friend.

Anyhow, I digress. Once the red was dry I covered it with a light blue and let the piece dry overnight. I then stenciled the "towel" on and covered in a polycrylic spray. I have some black lime wax I may try...I'm still debating but I love how this easy project turned out and it is going to be totally functional!

Meanwhile I continue working on "The beast"

Sanding and priming at done. I hope to finish this before I die! :)   This piece is pushing my capabilities but only because there is so much repair work I am doing.  I didn't realize when I bought this baby that I needed to fix all the drawers.  We will see how that works out.   I am googling like crazy to do this right.  

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