Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Blog: Motivation Monday plus pictures!

My motivation after slacking all weekend is to remind myself to not give up. Everything comes at a price and focus and determination are mine.

I took the weekend off from the gym although I did lift on Sunday night. I am trying to follow a friends advice and lift heavier. I trust he knows what he is talking about and he did warn me but still....Ouch!!!

Did I mention that the Rangers went 8-1 on the road trip? Oh, not yet? I am such a happy fan! Can't wait for Friday. Meeting a bunch of friends at the Ballpark for what hopes to be the start of a fun series against Tampa Bay, who I really try to hate.

I went a little shopping happy this weekend. In my defense, it has been a long time since I bought anything that wasn't Texas Rangers shirts. (I got a couple of those too, not pictured). It didn't help that almost everything I tried on actually looked cute.

That dress at the front I call my Audrey dress because not only is it amazing (even on me) but it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn who my friend Rachel just loves! You all probably know this since I think most of you read Randomness with Rachel.

I started out with the idea of getting a dress for my nephew and triplet nieces First Communion. (Look how sweet they are!)

I am not only a happy Aunt & God Mother but I am very proud of the kiddos. Laurel was very excited to point out she got to take up the 'presents' to the priest. (She helped carry the gifts up before communion).

See, I was wearing that new dress in the photo. Just so everyone knows I know these kids and didn't just pick random cuties out at church, from left to right at is Lesleigh, Logan, Laurel & Louis. My sweet little Ranger fans. (we don't have Angels in our family!)

Okay, this was a quick one today. Happy Pudge day everyone!

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