Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday blogging: It's the End of the World? Baseball Style!

Yu Darvish pitched. Mitch Moreland AND Craig Gentry hit home runs. Someone who is good at end of world scripture remind me, Moreland-Gentry back to back homers, sign 2 or 3? Maybe both?

The way I have it figured, if the Mayans are correct we will know by the end of October. The Chicago Cubs will be playing the Texas Rangers in the World Series. That has to be the 6th sign, at least!

Some of you who know me already know this but the Cubs were my first love. It isn't that I left them for someone better. I just moved and found a new love. This love, the Texas Rangers, is greater than my Cubs love and has been for at least 20 years. The Rangers are 'The One'. I confess that were they actually a person, I would marry them no matter what they looked like. Looks fade anyway, but you must have a sense of humor to win me over. Come on, nothing is funnier than my Rangers. They celebrate with ginger ale and antlers for heavens sake!

Against anyone else, I am still a Cubs fan....second.

I'm not going to predict a winner except to say, 3rd time is the charm!

Someone remember this in October and if the impossible happens, remember it was me (& the Mayans) who said it first. Rangers in 6.

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