Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday's Blog: Tell the Truth Tuesday!


First and foremost I hate lies and liars. We all tell some. Mine would be just that. If you ask, I am always fine. I am not always fine. I am sad. I am happy. I hurt. I laugh. I cry but I am never just fine.

Truth! Some lies are okay. Santa is great. I still believe. I will argue if you tell me he isn't real. Really.

Truth: If you do lie and I find out, run. No really. I have red hair. I have German, Hungarian and American Indian ancestors. I am a Leo. I am going to blow. Run and don't come back until I calm down. Depending on the lie, it could take 5 minutes or days.

Truth: if you really want to make me mad, aside from lying, lecture me like I a child. Truthfully, I don't care if you are right or wrong but if you treat me like a kid, chances are you are going to get my childish temper. If you think that is nothing, ask me sometime about the little girl who lived across the street and what I did to her after my father died. (I still feel terrible about it 35 years later.)

Truth: I don't know what I want today.

I have no real idea what I want today. I know what I want in the future and I have blogged about it. Today, I don't know. I have sort of locked myself up behind walls for years. I just want to see what happens. Is that terrible? Am I suppose to know what I want at all times and who I want? I don't.

Truth: I could eat Tex-Mex three times a day all week and not be sick of it. I make great Italian food but I love Tex-Mex beyond reason. Since I am still working on my Bringing Sexy Back project, I never eat Italian and I try to limit my Tex-Mex to a maximum of once a week. I can live without pasta but I think salsa runs in my veins instead of blood.

Truth: I don't know exactly where I am going and I don't know everyone I want to go with me. I do know that I go with God first and I know this because we talk all the time. Sometimes I even listen to Him.

Truth: I have some awesome friends. Not only do they listen to me but I am pretty sure they would kick, stomp, and throw things at anyone who hurt me.

Truth: I don't want to miss the dance, I just want to fast forward through the hard parts. You know, like how I never saw the end of Marley & Me.

Truth: When my life is over I hope I can say I found the person who makes me feel this way. My biggest fear is, he was run over by a truck before I met him.

Truth: When I first read these words, I cried.

Truth: If you found this, hold on to it, cherish it, & never let it go. You are one of the lucky ones.

Alright, that's all for the serious, now for the funny. Sorry guys but I am in a mood.

Truth: My dad was a good man. He drove my mom crazy. He was rude and inconsiderate at times. He forgot her birthday. He stood her up when an old girlfriend came to town. He put basketball before her, before me, before my brother. He was selfish. In other words he was human. In the end, he loved her and she has loved him. Prince Charming isn't real. I just want a flawed man who loves me more than he loves basketball, drives me crazy, respects me, tells me I am beautiful and in return I will do the same....I will even try to love him more than I love baseball, as long as he isn't a Yankee fan. Something like that, someday, maybe.

When all else fails I find this works well:

That's my truth. What is yours.

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StaussHauss said...

if someone hurts you, I might just run over them with that truck! ---- TRUE STORY!

Micah said...

"I'm fine" is my biggest lie too. I tell it a lot.

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