Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's Okay Thursday

*It's okay that I can't find my It's okay Thursday image. I'm too lazy to care.

*It's okay that I have spent a week being mad about absolutely nothing that matters. I'm a woman (and a red head) we are allowed. I'm over it now.

*It's okay that I use my hair as an excuse for a temper, everyone knows red heads have no soul (or rhythm).

*It's okay that lately I look at pictures of myself and I actually truly think I look cute (even wet!) It has only taken 30 or 40 years to get to this point.

*It is also okay that I can't give everyone what they want. I realized this week that trying to make everyone happy is too exhausting so I am going to do what makes me happy for a change and see how that works. (Nobody will get hurt in the process.)

*It is okay that I realized this week I am not sure I ever want to be married. This is such a huge departure for me. I am at heart, an old fashioned woman. I just realized that as much as I used to want that, I don't think I do anymore. Relationships are just too hard and I have trust issues. (This has NOTHING to do with anyone else but me.)

*It is really okay that I have no regrets about anything in my life except Derek. I regret I never told Derek how I felt. I was 19 and he came with huge complications. Namely a ex-wife and a 3 year old. Derek and I could have been really happy. We had fun together and we respected one another. He treated me better then anyone else has ever treated me. I ran away to college and got too scared to see him when I would visit from Austin. I think that hurt him. I really hope he found happiness. He was my one who got away.

*It is okay that I am broke until payday because tomorrow is payday and I expect to have some of this

Lots of that actually. I may be doing it alone but I don't care.

*It is okay that I fear because God has this. He may be the only man I trust but He is the only one that matters.

*It is really okay that I have to go now. Time to get ready for the Rangers game!

*It is okay that I am wearing a tank to the game. Time to get over my arm hate. I am working on them.

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Micah said...

I always have to go to Brunch With Amber's site to get the button for my "It's OK Thursday" link-up posts.

I also sometimes doubt if I really want to get married. I want to have a child, I know that much. That's why I have my Plan B. (An actual plan, no the drug.)

Have fun at the game!! I love daytime baseball.

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