Friday, May 4, 2012

Fitness Friday plus weight loss update. Outstanding! Whoop! Low Five!

A funny thing has been happening lately for me fitness wise. I changed my focus from cardio to cardio-weight classes and now I spend a lot of time at the gym on the verge of tears and a lot of my week either limping because my legs hurt or my stupid right foot hurts. Eventually I will have to have the doctor check it but right now I just deal with the pain. I self diagnosed it as plantar fasciitis which may be wrong but since the pain first showed up after I ran the half marathon in 2010 and gets worse from activity, my guess is it isn't a stress fracture that old. (The treatment is rest so, that isn't happening.) This is what happens when you spend your life reading medical reports. You decide you are a junior doctor.

The Nike Fitness Club class I take on Monday nights is about as difficult as anything I have ever done. At least once a week now, on top of that I get in a second weight training based class. The other days are whatever I can manage and some days that is just walking 4-6 miles because I hurt so much.

As for my diet it has been pretty good this week. I hit a plateau so last week I decided to take a break. I didn't gain any weight but I didn't lose. This week I was careful about my diet, mostly (except the hamburger I had at the baseball game.) This seems to have paid off.
Weight loss this week: 4 pounds
Total weight loss (since I started tracking) 70 pounds.
Outstanding! Whoop! Low Five!

I am really trying not to think about how much further I have to go. This would drive me crazy. I am really trying to not be so hard on my imperfections. There are a lot of other people out there who can focus on all my flaws and faults. I need to concentrate on the positive.

Team in Training sent me a email about doing another event for them. I am getting close to being ready to go. I need another few months to get my core and muscle strength built up. Expect me to sign up for a century race next. One hundred miles on a bike in Arizona or someplace like that. I am thinking 100 miles on a bike beats 13.2 on my feet any day! Maybe I need to start taking spin classes at the gym. (I also need to save for the road bike since mine is a mountain bike.)

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I know I am early but no weekend blogging for me! Have a great time doing what ya do. Me? Well, you will just have to wait until Monday and see. It will be fun! Maybe a little crazy! Can't wait!

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DoxieDoodle said...

I meant racing bike of course. Sorry, I was sleepy when I wrote this.

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