Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blog Update: It's Okay Thursday

It is okay that I have a really serious addiction to Rangers clothing, right?

I want this dress. I don't really wear red but I don't care.

It is okay that I am dreaming about drinks. Coffee, diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Cherry Coke are my new Bradley, Blake and Ryan.

It is okay that I wrote a different blog for today and left my iPad at home.

It's okay that my friend sent me this today and I laughed, out loud, for a long time. This is just true!

It's okay that I am trying a new mobile publisher for my blog and it may not work. That's life. Sometimes things work and sometimes they don't.

It's okay that sometimes to find yourself you have to walk away from yourself. Even for a minute.

It's okay that I am finally learning stuff I should have learned 20 years ago. I'm slow.

And it's okay that all of my friends think I am too nice, too sweet, or too innocent. I am none of these things. I just prefer to give people a chance or two and on very rare occasions three. Once I am done with you, there is no going back. I cut all ties and walk away. Just ask all of my exs. Well, you can't because I don't know how to reach them. See?

Happy Thursday!!!


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matthew wofford said...

you have a good blog laura i really like it a lot

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