Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday's Blog: Weekend Stew

I just have to say, if I were getting another dog, I would name him Yu or Darvish because that man just makes baseball fun! So do a ton of runs and that was my Rangers Friday night.

Saturday Trish, Rachel and I went to the Casting Crowns pre-game concert. This is my favorite picture of us. Don't we look cute in our hats?

This game was long and hot! (All I could think about was a shower!) It ended up a 13 inning affair that was capped off by a sick Josh Hamilton's walk-off homer. When the big man has had enough, he does what he needs to.

Sunday I hung out with Trish. There was some of this

Some personalized sidewalk art. (I forgot to sign this.)

And some shirtless Matthew. All in all, this is a win!

Monday was back to Rangers Park:

I love baseball on National Holidays!

This is a Snow Monkey. It is a give away next month for kids 13 and under.

This is my, 'But I want a snow monkey pout! It wouldn't be half as good if my eyeliner hadn't smeared in the heat and made me look like I have purple tears. My mom was with me and she admitted while my nieces do this well, I had perfected this pout long before they came along! I don't know how she resisted this as well as she did. I was a pretty cute kid. ;-)

The Rangers had a successful weekend winning all 4 home games. I had a great weekend with friends.

I learned a lot this weekend about myself and my friends. I have some amazing girl friends and a couple of amazing guy friends. I need to take a minute to thank Chance and Michael for everything this weekend. Sometimes it takes a man to explain things to a woman. They both managed to do this in the most loving and supportive way. You guys rock.

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