Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am loving that today is hump day!
I had a little too much craziness last weekend and coupled with my insomnia Sunday Night I am ready for a nice, calm, boring weekend.

Well, except for a baseball game Saturday and another one Monday. Maybe a little solo celebrating Friday night as I plan to stay home and watch baseball like a bum. No trouble aside from what I get into alone.

I'm loving that I got to see the Rough Riders play Saturday.

This is Mike Olt, a Rangers prospect getting ready to bat.

Monica and I at the game. No idea why we are laying down.

This is so not a good look for me. I struggle with cameras I guess. Lol Trish looks great!

I know, this is a what I'm loving not Mobile Monday but who really reads this blog anyway?

I am loving that today is my friend Rachel's 25th birthday again!

Okay, that's it. Short and sweet.

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