Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

This one is a stretch for me today. I am not loving a lot. I'm not in a bad mood just incredibly tired. This is a combination of having no sleep Sunday, too much alcohol last weekend, and being up too late last night/this morning.

So, what I am loving is that my sweet friend Rachel offered to help me have a wild and crazy weekend for my birthday in August. We are thinking road trip! I am thinking I would like nothing more than to go somewhere and be someone else for a weekend. Who knows what kind of craziness could happen? I will need a couple more friends to have a really cray time but I have an idea or two.

I am loving Twitter. I know I don't say this enough but I have met some of the most special, sweet, wonderful friends from Twitter. I thank God for them and I thank the Texas Rangers. I know social media gets a bad rap and everyone doesn't understand but I truly have some great friends and I can honestly say that no matter what, I don't regret meeting anyone I have met on Twitter. Yet, anyway.

I am loving this rain. It isn't helping me stay awake but I love this weather. Right up until my Rangers game tonight gets cancelled.

I am loving me. Wow, it has taken my entire life for me to say that. I love that I know who I am and exactly what I want and for the first time ever I won't apologize for it and I am no longer willing to compromise it either.

I am loving the way I am really starting to see myself. I am loving that I can actually see pictures of myself and not make my friends retake them multiple times to get a good shot of me. I am loving that when my friends tell me I look hot, for the first time ever, I can actually see that I am cute. (Hot is a different level...see cute, not hot.)

I am loving that when I go places, men see me. They actually see me. I am not trying to sound vain or self absorbed. When you struggle with weight issues no matter which side of the scale you are on, you feel like the ugliest person to ever live. For the first time neither my weight nor bulimia are dictating how I feel about myself. For the first time I see that guys look, smile, and are interested. Some are too young. Some are way too old. Some are too married. Still it is nice they look.

I am loving country music. I quit listening to sports talk in the mornings a few weeks ago and started listening to music. Mostly country. I won't apologize for being a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.

I am loving that the only rules I am living by now are my own. They aren't hard. Don't hurt anyone. Use that giant heart God gave you. Always walk with God. Don't be afraid to take a risk. Don't be afraid to get hurt. After all, anything worth having is worth a risk. I won't lie. I want it all. I want the happily ever after. If I get bumps and bruises in the process we will just chalk it up to lessons learned. And the final rule: love first, last, and forever.

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