Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Blog: Is it really Okay.

It's okay that I just really need it to be Friday. The last week has been a roller coaster and I am just ready for some Cinco De Mayo!

It's okay that I had to wear a hat to the Dallas Baptist University baseball game I went to last night with Rachel and in doing so, I look like the Uni-Bomber.

It's okay I was at a college baseball game last night watching a bunch of kids play my favorite game. The Rangers had a day game and gosh but I miss them. I can't believe I make it all winter without them.

It's okay that I really need a life outside of baseball too. I realize this. I do other stuff. I just don't do it during baseball season.

It's okay that I read an article this week about how men don't like women who are super fans and decided the author was an idiot and a fool. I also decided if I am the idiot and fool because I love sports that I would rather have baseball.

It's okay the sprinklers turned on in the middle of the baseball game last night. It gave us something to talk about besides the scouts that were there with the radar guns.

It's okay that my friends have little signs like this in their car. Once in a blue moon it is nice for someone to tell you you are beautiful, even if it is an SUV or a message on your phone.

It's okay that sometimes I get nervous and come off as a witch. I tend to be shy by nature and when I get nervous I do stupid stuff. Add stress on to that and I become a mess. I have been a nervous, stressed pain in the bottom for a week. Can't change the past so I am moving on.

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