Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's Hump Day! Time to Laugh at the Ladies Pinterest Style.

So far I am not loving the Rangers playing Toronto. Boo!

So this is a What I'm Loving Wednesday dedicated to a couple of my guy Tweeps. One who tells me all the time guys are dumb and girls are crazy. The other just seems to think I'm crazy. What? WHAT?

Some of this is truth. Some of this is fiction. Some of it is funny.

I don't deny this one.....I do laugh. (Men rarely make sense to me, by the way.)

This one is simple: Fact!

What do you want? She is a redhead.

I just tossed this in to make the guys happy. Boobs!

Um, yes.

I have my wings. That's my story anyway. :)-

Yeah, this one is sadly true. We don't know what is good for us. I have been told however, there are some good guys left. Anyone know where?

Haha! Find a man who can't agree.

This is just a little life lesson here guys.

We all want to be treated right, except those of us who date the douchebags, I guess.

This is a goal. It is hard. Very hard. Women are um, difficult.

This may be fact. It seems like it anyway.

This is fact.

This is just for those unlucky few who care about a redhead. I will not tell you how many souls, er freckles I have.

This is where men get in trouble!

Women may be crazy and men may make us that way. Still we sure do like having you guys in our lives to open pickle jars and fix broken stuff around the house and once in a while to be the shoulder we can cry on when our day just sucks and we need a hug. Could have used one of you yesterday myself.

And you guys apparently like having women around for something....

Prepare for a big comeback Rangers fans! Remember, at least we are not the Angels!

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