Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I'm loving Wed. Mostly baseball

There isn't a lot to love. I am little Miss Anti-Social right now. Miss Anti-Social with a migraine today. No reason. I just need a break from people right now. I get that way. Is that weird?

I'm loving these glasses my awesome neighbor Sharon got me.

I'm loving the Rangers bag that I bought 2 weeks ago. It is perfect for game day.

I'm loving that I finally get to wear my Audrey dress this weekend! Look out Cary Grant! (I am fasting for a couple days in preparation. Probably why I have a headache. Want to look amazing!)

I'm still loving my bracelet.

I'm loving the idea of having a Rangers party this summer with all my friends at my place. Party planning is fun.

Loving this guy pitches today! Thank God!

I love this guy and am so happy for him being inducted to the Texas Rangers Hall of fame!

For those who don't know Eric Nadel is the voice of the Texas Rangers and along with the late-great Mark Holtz (below) is the Texas Rangers. I listened to them call games for 2 decades before we lost Holtzie. I listened with tears to Nadel call the Rangers first trip to the World Series and the second.

I love this idea.

And I really love this! Words matter. Be careful what you say.

Oh, how I love and agree with this! If you make time for me, I know you care. If I make time for you, you know I do. Seems simple but you have no idea how easy it is to not make time for people.

What are y'all loving?

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