Monday, May 7, 2012

Blog Update: Weekend Recap

Well, there are not a lot of pictures with this because I was having fun this weekend and not taking pictures.

Friday night was interesting. A friend surprised me by stopping by. It isn't that I didn't think know he was coming over, it is that I didn't believe him. We had a nice chat and watched Ghost Adventures.

You know that show where they run around yelling at ghosts? Anyway, I have to give my friend credit, he made the show fun.

Saturday was girls day with Trish. Nails and margaritas. Later in the evening a bunch of us got together and hung out at Trish's place. We watched the Rangers win and saw the Mavs lose. If you look close you will see Margaritas on the table. (I should count my blessings I didn't drunk text anyone....shouldn't I?) Trish and I corrupted the group by getting them hooked on Twitter.

Memo to guys, when women get together we don't talk about what you think. We do however talk about you. It usually starts with "okay tell me what you think about what he did" and ends with "Guys are dumb."
I'm just being honest here.

Sunday was catch up on sleep, gym, and cleaning day.

One more photo to share cause I am silly excited.

This is what my new checks will look like when they come in! How awesome is that?

Okay party people, make the most out of Monday & remember Friday is only 4.5 days away for most of us.

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Katie said...

Was your Friday guest a fella from twitter??? ;)

Also-- it's true. All girl talk usually ends with "guys are dumb." Lol

DoxieDoodle said...

There is a good chance you are a very smart woman Katie. ;)

StaussHauss said...

guys are dumb no matter what day it is or when it ends up being said in a conversation. lol.

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